Turn A Plain Cake to An Among Us Birthday Cake

Among Us Birthday Cake, How we took a plain birthday cake from our local grocery store and make it a fantastic Among us Cake. First off, we went to our local grocery store to purchase a plain birthday cake. The next step we did was to remove the flower frosting on top of the cake and on the bottom.

After removing all the flower frosting, you need to put it in a bowl and melt it in the microwave. Once the frosting is melted a bit, we took the frosting and cover the whole cake in the blue frosting.

Before Birthday Cake

Once we have finished covering the cake in the blue frosting, we added the kit kat candies to the sides and back of the cake. After adding the chocolate candy on the sides, we added the white pearl candy and the stars to the top and around the cake.

The Among us toys, we added them to the top of and all around the cake using frosting on the sides to keep them holding. We finished off by adding more star and pearl candies on the top of the cake and on the sides. After all the decorations have been placed on the cake, we added the candles to the side and on the curve of the cake.

Among Us Birthday Cake

The cake turned out very nice, using a plain cake from Frys. You can see how easy it was to make your dream cake. If you loved how this one turned out, you can subscribe to my website to see more cake designs from a plain cake.

If you are interested in the items that were used in the video, you can click on the links below. If you decide to do this same design, your kid will love this cake.

Among Us Birthday Cake

Among Us Cake

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Cake Cardboard



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