Ultra Sonic Electric Toothbrush with 8 Brush Heads

Here is an ultrasonic toothbrush that has five different mods to clean your teeth and gums, for an ultra clean mouth. No more need to use the old standard toothbrush, when you can ultrasonic your teeth to cleaner more healthy teeth.

This toothbrush set gives you eight toothbrush heads so you do not have to buy anymore for a long time. Using one toothbrush per every 3 to 4 months, will give you twenty four months of cleaning with out have to buy more brushes.

Ultra Sonic Electric Toothbrush

About The Toothbrush

Intelligent and Powerful Motor: Modern Tech for a Healthy Smile. Built in 2 minutes smart timer control, 30 seconds interval reminding you to move to the next quadrant of your mouth, and totally in 2 minutes(4 quadrants) to ensure 2 minutes brushing time(recommended by the ADA in USA).Help you develop healthy tooth brushing habits.

Up To 42,000 Sonic Vibrations: Remove up to 15x more plaque than other electric toothbrush . Electric toothbrush adopts advanced sonic technology to drive fluid deep between your teeth and along with the gum for dynamic cleaning action.

Ultra Sonic Electric Toothbrush

60 Days Battery Life & IPX7 Waterproof : BAOVERI electric toothbrush provides you 4 hours charge for 60days usage.The largest battery capacity on the market with low battery reminding and automatically cuts off power after full chargeIPX7’s water-proof shower/ bathtub is under control.

One Power ON/OFF button with memory function, Mode button with 5 unique modes and 3 intensity levels, comes with 15 different brushing modes choices , fulfills your daily oral care and different brushing purposes without damaging your teeth’ surface.Deep clean with comfortable pressure -low, medium and high intensity for your daily oral care option.

Ultra Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Brush Replacements

8 REPLACEMENT toothbrush heads: The electric toothbrush comes with DuPont bristles and German Pedex blue indicator bristles. When the bristles’ color fades from blue to white, it reminds you to change the toothbrush head.

It comes with two soft “7NIU” W shape bristles and a more hardness U shape bristles “6NIU” toothbrush x 6 brush heads for your option. Each brush head lasts 3 months so 8 will last for about 24 months.

8 Engineered Brush heads

8 Replacement electronic toothbrush heads last for 24 months.3D DuPont rounded and diamond cross-section bristles produce richer bobbles for oral clean.

6x “U” shape brush heads(Soft “6NIU” bristles)

2x “W” shape brush heads(More hardness “7NIU” bristles)

Ultra Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Two Buttons with Four functions

Power On/Off Button

Support Power On/Off &Memory function (When you use the electric toothbrush for the second time, the system will turn on the brushing mode and intensity of the last brushing selection by default.)

M button Support 5 modes and 3 intensity levels, press 1 second to choose the brushing mode, press 1.5 seconds to choose the intensity level(Low&Mdium&High)

Ultra Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Durable Battery Life

The long-lasting power toothbrush is equipped with an 800mAh large capacity battery and low-battery indicator. One charge for 60 days. Charging Indicator Light Green >> Low power

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