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TV Shows on iPad

Unlimited TV: News & TV Shows on iPad

Do you have an iPad or iPhone and want to watch TV Shows on iPad for free? If you answered yes, then this iOS application that offers you streaming content for free is for you.I have reviewed applications that offer movies, tv shows, and live tv on Android for many years now. I thought about the people who are using iOS and want to get the same content as Android users have.Free TV iPad/iPhone Application is an Unlimited TV: News & TV Shows on iPad is a new iOS application that gives you over 170 channels to watch for free.Free TV Shows App: News, TV Series, Episodes, Movies App gives you the latest news, music, world news, TV series episodes, movies, sports, entertainment, cartoons, travel, learning English, and radio, all in one App! Download Now.


News: news app for free, including world news, live news, radio
*Rich content: world news, radio, music, news line, sports, cartoons, talk shows, and many others.
*Free: you can use it as a news app, music app, radio or tv app, and it’s free to use!

This iOS TV Shows on iPad has over 170 channels from:

  • Sports
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Cartoon
  • Movie
  • Talk Shows
  • Lifestyle
  • Reality Shows
  • Music


TV App is a third-party API player compliant with YouTube’s terms of service. All YouTube videos, episodes, music and tv shows including CNN, ESPN, NFL, NBC, Fox, and ABC are played via the official YouTube embedded player through the YouTube API. Some television programs (e.g. FTV) are hosted on our own streaming platform (non-YouTube platform) under permission from the respective publishers.

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