Verizon Prepaid Mastercard Rebate

Verizon Prepaid Mastercard Rebate $150 Scam


Verizon Prepaid Mastercard Rebate. As you all know that Verizon has offered new customers a $150 – $250 rebate for customers coming from other carriers to port in their number to Verizon.

How it was said to qualify for the rebate, you would need to port your number in my case T-Mobile, have the unlimited plan and have a qualified 4g or 5g eligible smartphone. You would then have to apply for the rebate on the Verizon website after all the requirements are fufilled.

Verizon Rebate Scam

After following all the requirements for the rebate, Verizon state you will have to wait four to six weeks for the rebate to come in the mail. The deadline for this rebate is March 6th, 2020 – March 31st, 2020

Verizon Prepaid

When looking at this rebate this rebate is not the one I applied for but the rep had given me the rebate code for the $150 which required the purchase of a new device, which is not the correct one that I was given.

Make sure you read the full requirements because the reps that work for Verizon in the rebate center will hope you don’t read the requirements for the rebates for you to qualify to hope you put in the wrong code to get rejected, like in my case I did.

Verizon Rebate Mastercard

After talking to the rebate department, I went away angry as they were lying about their rebates and what I have should have gotten as coming in as a new customer.

As it states, being a new customer with my own device, I qualify for a $250 rebate MasterCard as long as I ported in my number from another service provider, brought my own device and activated my smartphone to Verizon service and chose the unlimited talk, text and data plan.

I contacted Verizon again about my rebate, I spoken to a rep who was very nice and helped me to get the rebate that I should have gotten when I transferred my service from T-Mobile to Verizon. I can’t thank her enough for helping me resolve my issue. As she said, I am a new customer with a new line of service, an eligible device, and an unlimited service plan.

Rebate Submission

To claim your rebate, they suggest going to their Digital Rebate Center put in your promo code in the top box, make sure to input the date of purchase or date of the change. Then it will ask you for your full name and email address to complete the registration. The wait time for the rebate is ten days from the submission.

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