Warning Android Apps Not To Install

Warning Android Apps: Here are just a few Android apps among many out there not to install on your devices. These applications have shady permissions. There are a lot of sketchy android apps that are uploaded to the Google Play Store.

Google can’t take out sketchy applications from sneaking their way into the Google Play Store where they regularly rack up a great number of downloads before being found out and disposed of.


Apps In Question

The apps that are in question are camera apps that are used to take your selfie pictures. The camera apps in question are “Sun Pro Beauty and Funny Sweet Beauty” These apps have 1.5 million downloads between Google has removed the apps from the play store.

What Is Being Said About The Apps

Specialists support any individual who still has both of these applications on their telephones to dispose of them. The applications additionally mentioned various dodgy authorizations, including the option to record sound whenever. “tricking the user into clicking on something they didn’t need.

VPN App Warning Not To Download

Warning Android Apps, Regarding the VPN apps, meanwhile, a New Zealand-based researcher came across four with more than 500 million downloads that he said commit ad fraud. The apps are Hotspot VPN, Free VPN Master, Secure VPN, and Security Master by Cheetah Mobile. “In case of outside ad fraud,” researcher Andy Michael writes in a blog post explaining his findings, “ads pop up while apps are running in the background or even outside the app environment (e.g. ad views placed on the home screen and covering app icons that users must reach to start new apps).

Warning Android Apps

Whenever you download any application from the play store or any site that has apps, you should always look at the permissions and what the app requires to run the program. If you see something that requests your camera and you don’t use the camera, that would be a red flag not to install that app.

If you have installed any of these applications, I suggest removing them from your device and not reinstalling these applications on your Android Devices. The only trusted VPN Services are listed below, they offer a great price for monthly, yearly, and bi-yearly service. Protect yourself with a trusted VPN Service. If interested in more information on this VPN, just click on the link below.

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