Wirsh Espresso Latte Machine Full Review

Wirsh Espresso Latte Machine is a super great coffee machine. With this machine, you can have your coffee, cappuccino and latte in just a touch of a button. This machine allows you to have a single shot or double shot of your favorite coffee.

Wirsh Espresso Latte Machine

The best part of this machine is that the little spout on the side, that will froth your milk for when you are making a cappuccino. The super big water tub holds over 42oz of water so you will not need to fill it up often.

The Wirsh espresso machine comes with 15 bar professional pump, 1450W powerful instant thermo-block heating system and automatic flow meter which guarantee the optimal pressure, temperature and volume to extract espresso perfectly.

Wirsh Espresso Latte Machine

Features of Espresso Latte Machine

Brew Like a Barista – Whatever your like – espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, flat white, or americano, this versatile espresso coffee machine has a built-in commercial grade stainless steel steam wand provides you many options to create your favorite coffee drinks. Just enjoy the barista coffee drinks at home!

Single or Double Shot? – The espresso maker is comes with the 2 in 1 portafilter with two filters – single and double for brew one or two espresso shots automatically just at press the single or double button on the top panel.

Features of The Machine

STYLISH&COMPACT DESIGN – At just 5.5” wide,the compact design takes up half the space of typical manual espresso machine. The full stylish stainless steel body looks sleek, it’s a prefect addition to your kitchen countertop.

EASY TO USE – The espresso machine does the work for you. The automatic flow meter dispenses just the right amount of espresso, just simply press the button the LED light indicate for each function, taking out the guess work.

CUP WARMER FUNCTION – The stainless steel cup warmer tray on top will keeps your cups warm that prevent the coffee temperature affected.

LOW PRESSURE PRE-INFUSION – Low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases pressure at the start, releases small amounts of water onto the tamped coffee grinds prior to the steady flow of water, for a richer flavored espresso.

LATTE&CAPPUCCINO SIMPLY MADE AT HOME – Whether classic cappuccino, creamy latte macchiato or a flat white – with Wirsh espresso machine you have the entire range of coffees open to you. You can simply made your favorite coffee drinks AT HOME now!

2 IN 1 PORTAFILTER – The 2 in 1 portafilter comes with double exits and two filters, for brew one or two espresso shots automatically.

42 OUNCE REMOVABLE WATER RESERVOIR – 42oz transparent water tank with MAX and MIN water level, removable with carry handle, convenient for filling water and monitoring water volume.

DETACHABLE DRIP TRAY – The drip tray at the bottom of the espresso machine is easy to adjust or remove to fit taller cups, brew a larger size beverage just the way you like. It also makes the clean much easier.

Wirsh Expresso Latte Machine

 Espresso Machine Appearance

The comely, stylish appearance with a brushed stainless steel body which is a perfect addition to your modern kitchen without taking up too much space, plus it’s convenient design:

Bright LED lights indicate for each function, 42oz removable water tank, the detachable drip tray is easy to remove to fit taller cups and easy for cleanup, the warm tray at the top of the machine keeps the cup warm. It also has hot water function for makes tea or americano.

Wirsh Expresso Latte Machine

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