Wortown Streams Build kodi build

Wortown Streams Build


Wortown Streams Build: Here is another new Kodi build. This build was made available by the developer of Quest media build, and crew at Supreme Builds.

This build you will love, it’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate through the sections.



All add-ons have been updated and working in this new build. This build has your standard Menu, Settings, Movies, Tv-Shows, Live Tv, Latino, Kids, Sports, Music, and your Mature section.

This build is very clean, everything just works. The build is updated often by the developer, no need to worry about broken add-ons. If the add-ons are down and not working, they will be either fixed or removed from the build.




How to install build

Make sure you are installing this build on a clean Kodi, to do that just simply go to your apps on your device, click clear data to remove any current builds.

Once you have a clean Kodi, go to settings, then click on the settings, then go to add-ons, make sure you enable the unknown sources in your Kodi. You will get a Warning notice, just click ok.

Now go to the settings, and look for the file manager, click on that.

In the file manager, click add a new source, the source you want to input in this field is http://wortownstreams.com/repo/

Then you want to give it a name, I have named it ‘Quest Media’, after you names the source, click the ok button.

Go to the settings, under the add-on field, click the add file from zipping. Install the zip file, wait for it to load then go to the install repo field.

Once you have installed the repo, go to the Wortown Streams repo click on the programs, then click the Wortown Streams wizard, install.

Open up the repo, click continue to the popup menus. Scroll down to the Builds section, click on the Wortownstreams build v1.

If you have a fresh install, click the standard install. If you already have a build on, click on the fresh install option.

Click Yes install to install the build, then you let the repo install all the files.

After the files have been installed on to your Kodi, you will get a popup message asking you to “Reload Kodi” or “Force Close” You choose the force close to close Kodi down.

Your Kodi will boot up again with the new build. Now you can enjoy this great build.