Xtream Codes Shut Down

Xtream Codes Shut Down: What does this mean? This means everyone who has IPTV services have been affected and now no one will have the working live tv service that they paid for.

There are a few service providers that are moving to a different platform, so those services will be up and working in a few days. I cannot say which services are changing the platforms, you will have to contact your IPTV provider to see if they are moving away from the xtream codes.

What Does That Mean For IPTV?

This means all the live tv services including Mobdro and all the free IPTV apps are now not working. At the moment Players Klub is down and none of the channels are playing, many different IPTV services including Stalker, gears tv have been affected. So most of you who have all the free live tv apps will also be affected, and you will no longer have the free live tv channels because of this Xtream code take down.

What Are Xtream Codes?

Xtream Codes is an IPTV panel that allows providers to manage their own IPTV service and its customers. It should be noted that the majority of IPTV providers use the Xtream Codes system.

Police have stated that the Xtream Codes system had over 5 million users in Italy alone, which equals approximately EUR 60 million in annual revenues.

It has been confirmed that 181 servers had been taken down and seized and more than 800,000 users (police reported 700,000 earlier yesterday) had been disconnected from the Xtream Codes service when it was taken down.

In what became a common theme throughout the conference with several participants, Spieza sometimes appeared to speak generally about the entire operation, which included the takedown of at least one actual IPTV provider, then sometimes in relation to Xtream Codes alone.

Now, What is going to happen with IPTV?

As far as anyone’s guess, there is a lot of IPTV service that will not come back from this as it will be too costly for them to switch platforms. The ones that have already made the change will continue to have their service up and running in the next few days. In the next few weeks, you will see more servers go down and disappear from the community.

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