Xtreme Power Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer

Here is a swimming pool solar ionizer to help remove all the bacteria and algae in your swimming pool. With this ionizer, you can use eighty-five to ninety-five percent less chlorine in your pool to keep it clean and fresh.

This ionizer covers pools up to 35,000 gallons. This device will not harm the finish of your pool or vinyl liner and it will work on chlorine and salt pools.

Xtreme PowerPool Solar Ionizer

The power of the sun works with an underwater ion-disbursing anode to release copper ions that are very effective at killing algae and keeping your pool clean and pure. The solution to the chlorine shortage. 

The solar panel is under a thick covering which allows the product to last years longer than the competitors. Beware of cheaply built alternatives to this ionizer, this has a lifetime replacement warranty you need to see the full details about the warranty.

Xtreme PowerPool Solar Ionizer

The Solar-Powered Cleaner will prevent algae and reduce the amount of chlorine and chemicals by up to 85%. No other chemical product is necessary or recommended. Our ionizers work perfectly fine with small amounts of Chlorine and, consistently, the pH becomes very stable.

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