Yabife Electric Dog Nail Grinder Kit

Are you tired of taking your dogs to the groomers to get their nails trimmed? This grinder kit gives you the grinder and the nail cutter to trim your pet’s nails, this nail kit also works on cats. Many pets get freaked out by electric nail file noise and vibration. However, our dog nail grinder is equipped with a superior motor, and the sound is below 40dB while running, making grinding easy even for small animals or puppies.

LED Lighting & Power Percentage Display: When grinding at night, the 2 LED bulbs help locate them quickly and easily and avoid over-grinding. Besides, the machine displays the power by percentage, which can remind you to recharge timely and avoid a sudden power interruption during the nail trimming.

abife Dog Nail Grinder Kit

This dog nail grinder includes 2 diamond drum bit grinders, which have 2 levels of different roughness. So you can file the pet nails fastest and most comfortably by selecting a suitable grinder

3-Speeds & 3 Grinding Ports: The dog nail trimmer has 3 rotation speed settings, powerful enough to support nail grinding of any hardness. And the 3 ports match small, medium, or large pet nails size. You can do home nail grooming like a professional via the appropriate port and speed

This grinder is charged via a Type-C USB cable, which can charge much faster. It runs 12 hours after a 3-hour full charge.

Long Nails: For animals, long nails will crook into the paw skin, causing heavy pain for he/her. If still not trimmed, it would cause inflammation. Also, the long nails cause the dog to walk unsteadily and fall down. That’s why we need a pet nail cutter, clipper, or grinder.

Electric nail grinder

Claw Furniture: Some pets will naturally claw the sofa or other furniture. To avoid it, we need the nails to be smooth. No matter how big your pet is, you need to keep the nails smooth enough to protect the furniture, that’s what the nail cutter and clipper can’t achieve.

Scratch: Nobody wants to be scratched. But even the best nail cutters will leave a circle of sharp edges after cutting. So we’ve prepared a smoothing diamond bit grinder in the package.

Over Grinding: Over-grinding will cause hurt to the dogs quick. To resolve this issue, the dog nail grinder is equipped with 2 LED bulbs, making you locate the quick fast and easily.

2 replaceable grinding stones for nails of different hardness, 3 levels of grinding speed, As quiet as 40dB – Will never bother your pets. LED power percentage display, Led lighting for night grinding, 3 grinding ports for different pets size.

Electric nail grinder

How To Use Grinder

Getting your dog accustomed to the dog nail grinder sound: Turn on the grinder and accustom your dog to the sound and smell, to avoid scaring dogs the first time of use.

Trim the long nail by using the coarsest grinder: When the dog is ready, select the appropriate port on the guard. Slowly put the grinder on the nail tip at an angle of 45°. If it’s your first time using the machine, please start at a low speed.

Give her/him small treats every single time as an award: The best choice is his/her favorite treat to reward your pet during the session and at the end, let the dog associate nail grinding with a pleasant award.

Smooth sharp edges by applying the smooth grinder and cleaning the grinding wheel: After grinding, please clean the surface of the nail grinder with wet paper or cloth to remove the nail powder, which can keep the grinder sharp and extend the lifespan.

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