YouTube Strikes Again: Maris Review Channel

YouTube Strikes Again: Maris Review Channel

YouTube Strikes Again!!!!!: They have become a problem for the last year and a half, regarding their community strikes and channel takedowns.Just when you thought it was all over because you see other YouTubers covering the same content and not getting flagged or taking down.

Yet again! you upload another streaming video as before with same title and description then you are notified by youtube flag system that your video was removed as it violates their “Dangerous and Harmful” policy.

Youtube Strikes:

I know I have haters out there who is reporting my videos, but it’s ok! I will not let them stop me, I will continue doing my streaming videos, even if it’s on many different streaming platforms.Jealousy is an evil thing, but it will never bring me down. So like before I file an appeal explaining that my videos are being flagged by mistake and that I have not violated any youtube’s policy.

I request them to manually review the video to show them I have not even violated their “Dangerous & Harmful” policy. When you file an appeal, they just make it not suitable without even checking the video. If you deemed it violated the policy, why not make sure it actually does.

You have these people and computers who are working for youtube just flagging people without making sure it’s truly violating the policy. Why not have a live person check it? I have seen many new videos on youtube with the same video content that I was just been flagged for, if they intend to stop the reviews on all streaming apps, then why only flag a few videos and not all of them?

Since Youtube stated they are no longer allowing streaming apps to be reviewed on their platform, why are they allowing some and not others? I think their system is flawed and needs a bug fixing.

YouTube And Streaming Reviews:

Youtube goes on as reviewing streaming apps are illegal and they don’t allow it on their platform. First off, they are not illegal, well not here in the USA and second, what happened to freedom of speech?

I remember when youtube use to be a good platform, now it’s just a platform that promotes news channels and politics, nobody wants to see that, we come to Youtube to get away from all that crap.

I’ve seen many of my friends youtube channel get shut down for good on the same streaming media content, but others are climbing in subscribers, how is that even possible? I smell favoritism in youtube.

Youtube needs to follow their own policy if one person’s video is deemed not allowed on their platform, then that should apply to all YouTubes covering the same content.

Youtube Problem:

The biggest problem with youtube is that they have allowed it for way over seven years, Now! all of a sudden, they do not want the streaming reviews on their platform. It will be bittersweet when they go bust, as they don’t allow new creators to monetize their videos.

In order to monetize your videos now, one needs to have one thousand subscribers and over four thousand hours of watch time. That makes it harder for new creators to make money off their videos.

If your channel is not monetized, youtube will not promote your videos or channel, therefore no watch time or subscribers, its a recurring problem that youtube won’t fix.