Amazer Bath Bathroom Treasures Review

Amazer Bath Bathroom Treasures are things you should have in your bathroom. Some of the things are a back loofa and hand loofa for cleaning your body as well as your back where you can’t reach. Why stick with a boring wash cloth, when you can use a loofa to do all the dirty work.

About The Loofa

Tighter knot: The sponge uses a special knotting technology, enhancing the firmness and durability of the connection between the bath ball and the handle so they don’t fall apart easily.

Long wooden handle: The wooden handle is made of durable beech wood and covered with a transparent waterproof layer on the surface. The textured rubber sleeve is non-slip and offers you a better grip.

Soft material: The shower sponge is made of soft PE material, which is strong and not easily deformed. Bathing balls can apply more cleansing strength to the skin area and keep the skin healthy.

Easy to use: The total length of this long-handle shower sponge is up to 17 inches long, making it easy to clean the back and other hard-to-reach areas. The hanging rope handle makes it easy to hang for storage and easy to dry.

Package included: This product comes with an additional hand-held bath ball of the same color for full bath time enjoyment.

Amazer Bath Bathroom Treasures

About The Soap Dispensers

Leakpoof: The soap dispenser is made of glass with a pump head. Our pumps are suitable for a humid environment, free from problems of dripping and leakage, strong enough to withstand regular daily use.

Durable: The transparent glass bottle is ultra-clear, allowing you to observe the liquid storage level so it can be replenished in time. Size: 7.8×3 Inches. Volume: 13.5 OZ

Large suction straw: The thickened straw can squeeze the proper amount of liquid in fewer pumps to meet the demand and save time. The packaged product includes two soap dispensers, which can meet your needs in the kitchen and bathroom.

Elegant and refind apperance: The glass bottle body with a stainless steel pump is a perfect collision of metal and glass, blending retro and modern styles, and adding a touch of class to your rooms, both kitchen and bathroom.

Wide range of uses: The pump bottles can be used to store liquids such as hand sanitizer, dishwashing liquid, shampoo, and so on. Made of pharmaceutical-grade materials, the glass bottle is designed with your health and safety in mind.

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