Rechargeable Submersible Pool Lights

Purheme Rechargeable Pool Lights are a set of lights that work in your swimming pool, these come in a four-pack to really light up your swimming pool. These lights not only work in your below-ground pool, they also work in above-ground pools. You can use these lights in the water as well as outside the water, they are waterproof.

Rechargeable Pool Lights

About The lights

Purheme 2022 Upgraded Rechargeable Built-in 2600mAh Battery Submersible Waterproof USB-C Charging Magnet Pool Lights Party Decor. IP68 waterproof VS IP45 Support underwater installation, will not fall off VS The suction cup cannot.

Waterproof USB-C charging VS External magnetic charging, Rusty Built-in magnet VS External magnet, rusted, 6 color-changing modes VS 4 modes or less.

Rechargeable Pool Lights

Color Changing LED Lights Remote Controlled, Push Button: The colorful pool lights have 16 steady colors(white, red, green, blue, etc.), 6 color-changing modes (flash*2, fade*2, smooth*2), 4 timer buttons (2h, 4h, 6h), and 5 brightness adjustable levels, memory function.

One remote controls all the pool party lights. You also can choose colors by pushing the button on the swimming pool floating lights, to make all lights in different colors, easy to use.

Full Waterproof IP68/Long-distance Control/Built-in Magnet: Fully sealed waterproof swimming pool lights. Max IR remote range is 200ft(outside the water), 10-17FT(underwater). We are equipped with super magnets inside each submersible LED lights, only need to be placed on the iron metal surface, will not fall off, enjoy immediately!

Rechargeable Pool Lights

Bright Rechargeable Pool Lights (2022 Newest): The submersible pool lights are using fast charging technology, easily charged by a universal USB-C cable. 2600mAh, large capacity rechargeable battery can work 50-150 hours after 4 hours full charged. It is 5 times brighter than other rechargeable submersible lights with 1000mAh or standard AA or AAA battery operated pool lights. No need to pay for extra batteries, and save your money!

Suitable for Uneven Surfaces&Support underwater installation: Unlike the traditional suction lights with cups in the past (only applicable to smooth surfaces), we have adopted a new bonding method, whether it is a smooth or a bumpy surface, these pool return lights are applicable(The glue is easy to scrape off with tools, no worries bonded to the pool walls). You can install the underwater LED light even if underwater! The glue is safe, harmless, and environmentally friendly!

Rechargeable Pool Lights

Applicable Scenarios & After-sale Guarantee: It is an ideal ambient light for in-ground swimming pools, above-ground swimming pools, ponds, bathtubs, fountains, fish tanks, night lights, etc. Can be easily installed indoors and outdoors, such as decorative lights for weddings, events, parties, and festivals.

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