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Aptoide Tv App Store offers many different android apps just like the google play store. Apps that have been removed from the Google Play store are located in this app store.

Many apps like screen recorders, google drive that have been removed from most if not all android devices so you can't add it to the es file explorer as a cloud drive.

Aptoide Tv Store

This app store is great to have installed on all your android devices because when your favorite app has been removed from the play store, at least you can still get them later on.

Aptoide Store

This app store offers many different android apps, like games, videos, applications. You will need to do a search in the store like you would if you were search in the play store. DO you have a favorite game in mind? search for it the the search field, it will most likely be there for download.

I know for me as a firestick user, I hated that google removed the feature of adding google drive to my Es file explorer. I would have to use a work around, but thanks to aptoide, I now have my google drive back on my firestick again. Come take a look at the video below to see how to install this app on your Amazon firestick.

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