Arous 5 in 1 Professional Makeup Train Case

Here is a professional makeup rolling case that will hold all your cosmetics, nail supplies, and your hair accessories. This case consists of five compartments for all your stuff, the bottom compartment can be used for hair dryers, straighteners, and even nail dryers. This compartment is big enough and has no dividers to allow bigger objects to go in the compartment.
 The 5-in-1 makeup case consists of 4 detachable compartments with separate lid which can be freely combined as your demands. The top compartment can be used as a small makeup carrying case; the following three drawers can be removed to make this 5-in-1 makeup case into a 3-in-1/2-in-1 case according to your work requirements.
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The main body of this makeup case is made of ABS and high-density MDF material, while the edge frame and corners are made of reinforced aluminum, both of which ensure a long service life; High-quality full velvet lining reduces friction and protects delicate cosmetics, all while delivering a pleasant feeling with soft tactile. Aluminum tie rods provide smooth operation and corrosion resistance. This 51 rolling makeup train case is a must-have for MUA both beginner and pro, freelance, wedding makeup artist. Pros and cons: Will keep it looking good for a long timeMade of high-quality materials
The separated middle tray with removable baffle smart match. According to the different sizes of gadgets, you can arrange space, not only neatly placed items, and can be fixed to prevent shaking and falling damage. There is also a large bottom that has great storage for hair styling tools, cosmetics, and nail tools. Perfect for professional makeup artists, hairstylists, manicurists, tattoo artists, or those who have a mountain of cosmetics.
Arous 5 in 1 Professional Makeup Train Case
A trolley makeup train case with a high load capacity of up to 36 kg/ 80 lb is perfect storage for a large number of hair tools, cosmetics, and nail tools. Large storage space at the bottom layer with no divider allows you to store makeup tools of large sizes. Two lockable clamps on the top and other trays also have locks. It is also lockable with keys for privacy. Ideal for taking exactly what you need, anywhere, at any time.
Equipped with 4 360-degree caster wheels and a retractable pull handle for easy push and pull during a journey; By unlocking the safe buckles between the first layer and the second layer, you can change the big trolley into a portable suitcase, which is suitable for a short trip; The handle on the top and a shoulder strap are designed for you to lift the top case or carry it on your shoulder.

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