Bfull Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit

Bfull Home Waxing Kit: Looking for a great wax warmer that offers you everything to get started? Well look no further, the Bfull wax warmer kits has everything you need to start waxing.

In this kit you will receive three different waxing beads, three heart-shaped containers to add the waxing beads too, wax covers, applicators, removal tray, and the wax warmer machine


Easy & Effective Home Waxing: Enjoying salon waxing experience at home with Bfull professional wax warmer kit, it is perfect for painless face, armpits, arms, legs waxing. This time- and money-saving machine gives long-lasting reliable performance for 3 to 6 weeks.

Always Design for Safe Use: The manual temperature setting knob lets you choose the desired heating temperature, speeding up wax melting time from 10 to 15 minutes. This premium warmer also features an auto shut-off circuit to ensure safe use.

FDA Approved Ingredients: The bonus wax beans are made from high-quality natural ingredients, providing excellent waxing results and irresistible delicate lavender, rose, or honey scent without causing skin rashes, redness, or irritation.

Bfull Home Waxing Kit: Versatile for All Wax Types: The warmer is intended to heat different types of waxes, including hard, canned, soft waxes, etc. Deluxe accessory kit contains 3 small heart-shaped melting bowls for precision facial waxing. The collars help prevent excess melted wax from dripping on the machine.

12-Month Warranty: Your product comes with a 1-year warranty, which allows you to request a product replacement or a partial/full refund from the date of purchase. Furthermore, they offer lifetime customer support. 

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