Brass Metal Incense Cone Bricks and Coil Burner

Incense Cones, Bricks and Coil holder is a nice little container to burn your favorite incense smells. This container is made of pure brass and is high quality to the design.

Having had the backflow waterfall holder, this brass holder is nice and will help protect children and pets from the burns of the cone, brick or coils. You can even sue scent sicks with this holder, you would just point the tray under the stick to catch the ashes from the sticks.

Incense Burner

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: best suitable for burning incense cone, incense brick and incense coil; enjoy the incense coming through the lid.

BURN INCENSE SAFE: incense burner with lid, protects kids, pets from getting burnt. The insulation mat keeps the bowl cool.

CATCHES ALL THE ASHES: Incense burner bowl keeps all ashes in the bowl, no spilling of ash on your counter anymore.

TEMPLE-GRADE QUALITY: Incense cone burner made of pure brass, timeless and durable.

Incense Burner

DEKOKEA Incense burner with temple-grade quality, is fireproof and stable. The refined incense holder combines the values of contemporary design with traditional casting techniques to create a timeless object that can be appreciated for years to come.

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