DEKOKEA Premium Incense Stick Holder

Premium Incense Sticks Holder is a great holder for all your incense sticks up to 12″ If you love burning incense sticks, you will want to pick up one of these to enjoy the zen smell of the scents. The patented design enables you to keep all the ash on the base without making any mess on any surface.

The base premium natural marble is fireproof, and will not get hot to the touch, the minimalistic design, simple modern for home decoration. This is perfect for incense stick lengths from 2.5” to 12”

At DEKOKEA their mission is for you to experience Pure Joy during your meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practice. We want you to enjoy touching, seeing, and sensing our high-quality products. Attractive, modern design perfect as stylish home decorations; Big Ash-Catcher, no more dirty ash piles after burning incense;

High-quality fire-resistant materials; won’t burn or catch fire on your altar; Sturdy build secures the holders to the bases keeping your incense straight. Easily wipe the ash out of the smooth base when finished!

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