Auvon Dual Channel Muscle Massager

Auvon duel channel muscle stimulator is a great device to massage all those aching muscles in your back, legs, neck and arms. Why suffer in pain when you have these machines at your finger tips.

Just apply the pads to your aching pains in your back, legs and arms, and set it to your favorite mode. It is super easy to use, it does not take long to connect and start using this device.

Pain and Muscle Relief can help reduce your pain and muscle spasms caused by many conditions, including: neck pain, back pain, knee pain, arthritis, period pain and sports injuries etc.

EMS brings elicitation of your muscle contraction using electrical impulses and activates the muscles to assist in the increase of strength and endurance as a rehab and strength training tool.

About Auvon Muscle Stimulator 

Customizable Pain Management. It comes with 29 programmed modes, in which 24 modes (P1 to P24) are perfect for those that may need a simple pain fix or are new to using TENS units for relieving the pain or muscle soreness on back, waist or knee caused by exercise, housework or normal work.

Where the device really excels is in the ability to adjust the intensity, pulse width, and frequency with other 5 traditional modes of burst, normal, modulation, SD1, and SD2 (P25 to P29).

Dual Channel TENS with Smart Timer. Do you have pain in more than one spot of your body? With this dual channel electric massager, you can use two different modes with two different intensity levels.

Auvon Muscle Massager

If you use it for two different areas of your body at the same time. Additionally, the smart timer can be set in a flexible range of 10-90 minutes, and the continuous time mode enable you to enjoy an uninterrupted therapy with this stim machine for muscles.

Small Things Make a Big Difference. AUVON muscle stimulator machine offers 8 electrode pads with 2 sizes to suit different pain areas on your body. The pad holder helps to store and protect your pads in a well condition for longer use. The included cable ties do a great job of organizing your lead wires, no more knotted wires.

What You Receive

1) AUVON TENS Device

8) TENS Unit Pads (4 pcs 2”x 2” Pads, 4 pcs 1.3″ round),

2)Lead Wires (with Cable Ties),

1) User Manual,

1) Quick Guide,

1) Dust-Proof Bag,

1) Pads Holder,

3) AAA Batteries,

36-month Worry-free Services and Lifetime Technical Support.

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