W-KING 80W Super Rich Bass Bluetooth Speaker

SoI was looking around for a great party speaker that had great sound and was super bassy for my music and to run my sound when watching movies on my projector outside, when long and behold I came across a speaker called W-King. This little speaker packs a punch when playing your music or using it to watch movies. This tiny speaker has a super loud bass and makes listening to music more enjoyable.

W-King 80W Bluetooth Speaker

You can feel the music if you are near the speaker, I had this speaker next to my bathroom while I was taking a bath, the whole room was shaking. You can control the volume on the speaker, or from your device playing the music. If you love having movie time outdoors, or pool time, you will want to pick up one of these speakers for that pool party.

About W-King Speaker

Bluetooth 5.0 Connection: Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology can freely and easily connect your Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone, including other Bluetooth-enabled devices compatible. Insert the 3.5mm AUX data cable provided by the speaker into your TV and laptop to play the audio of the device at any time. Use a TF card and USB flash drives to play your music and enjoy different listening modes.

W-King 80W Bluetooth Speaker

W-KING 80W Bluetooth speaker can switch different light rings according to the category of the song. The light ring has seven different colors, and six light effects can be freely switched with the beat of the music. The portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is rugged and durable, coupled with high-quality sound, to ensure a relaxed atmosphere at home or party, and enjoy the dual impact of vision and hearing.

The Cool W-KING Bluetooth speaker has clear highs and rich and deep bass. Let your ears enjoy high-definition stereo sound anytime, anywhere. Enjoy massive 105dB sound from two 4″ woofers and two 1.2″ tweeter, bass reflex tubes for deeper bass. Whether indoors or outdoors, the sound quality is impeccable.

W-King 80W Bluetooth Speaker

The powerful long-life battery technology allows your speaker to play 24 Hours at a time. Wireless stereo Pairing technology allows you to create a wireless two-channel system by pairing two speakers via Bluetooth to provide a true stereo effect. (W-KING T9-1 and W-KING T9-2 are the different version speakers. They could not be paired in together, wireless stereo pairing speaker only works under the same Bluetooth name.)

About W-King

The T9-2 PARTY Portable Bluetooth Speaker is built by the million-level product acoustics team of W-KING Acoustic Laboratory, combined with years of manufacturing technology experience and industry resource integration, two 4-inch woofers, two 1.2-inch tweeters, built-in DSP technology, powerful Bass Reflex Tube Design!

The purpose is to present a good sound that penetrates the soul and touches people’s hearts, with more accurate and rich sound details, transparent high frequency, solid and warm mid-frequency, and strong and full low frequency, Whether it’s a vocal or an instrument, it can accurately reproduce the artist’s expression of emotional art through music!

W-KING 80W portable loud Bluetooth speaker with professional sound effects; penetrates deep into your soul, Follow W-KING Bluetooth Speaker, and Release your stress! Release your anxiety! Burn your passion! Indulge in a wonderful time on endless nights.

W-King 80W Bluetooth Speaker

Low wind noise, inverted tube design: Effectively broaden the sense of low-frequency volume, make the bass reproduction richer, and fuller, and dive deeper. After installing the bass reflex Tube, since the diameter of the speaker reflex Tube is smaller than that of the speaker, there will be relatively strong sound waves rushing out of the inverted tube to Improve the sound quality of the bass speakers. It offers a killer frequency response, giving you the booming bass you’ve never heard from a speaker of this size.

Bluetooth 5.0 Technology: The W-KING 80W loud Bluetooth speaker adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to give your party a larger range of activities. Low latency, Strong anti-interference, Transmission is stable, Can be easily paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device

24-Hour Playtime: Till the sun comes up, The long-lasting 24-hour battery life never stops happy and leisurely. Enjoy an entire day of entertainment— Dance with your friends at any time.

W-King 80W Bluetooth Speaker

Music Source input: A variety of audio inputs to meet diversified usage habits. TF Card Slot: Enjoy a treasure trove of private music at any time, meeting the quality of party life. AUX Slot (3.5mm Audio jack): AUX external audio and party DJ equipment can also be closely connected, audio and video synchronization, 18ms ultra-low delay playback, strong electromagnetic anti-interference ability, and can avoid external electronic signal noise.

USB Slot (USB flash drive): Enjoy your personal collection at any time without worrying about losing your chance to rock music because you don’t have an internet connection.

Indoor and Outdoor Modes: Switch between indoor and outdoor modes at will to experience different auditory effects. Enjoy deep bass indoors and crisp highs outdoors. Press the“Play and Pause” button, Adjust the sound mode and get the sound you want.

Flexible and Removable Handle: Removable Handle/Portable Outdoor Speaker: Bring your favorite speaker with you to the rooftop, park, and more with the rugged detachable classic black shoulder handle, and anti-slip design for convenience and easy portability. The handle is also detachable and can be placed at will according to your mood.

Deep Sound with Bass Reflex speaker: For the first time, the W-KING team designed a bass reflex tube behind the speaker. The speaker’s bass reflex tubes make the bass sound cleaner when the sound is boosted. The sound of the airflow vibrated by the speakers in the box is drowned out and enters the front, overlapping with the sound pressure of the front radiator of the speakers to produce a deep bass effect.

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