NatuBeau End Table NightStand

NatuBeau Nightstand is a great side table to put your computer and cables in, out of the way, and off the floor. This nightstand has a sturdy Drawer and Shelf, to put your thing in them. All boards are drilled by automated machines that allow tight control of accuracy and eliminate your worries. Numbers are affixed to each accessory, and you can assemble them in 30 minutes or less, as long as you follow the manual.

NatuBeau NightStand

The nightstand frame uses a 0.8-inch square tube, which is stronger than another nightstand that is on the market. The main body is assembled of wood material, which is more eco-friendly and beautiful. Simple and modish, it is sure to become a small work of art in your home. If you buy 2 pcs, save 5%.

About The Nightstand

The nightstand has both open and secret storage space and can meet different storage needs. The 5.1 inches-deep drawer can store many things, keep you away from the messy desktop, and immediately order to experience!

Not only bedside tables for the bedroom but also side tables for the living room. Imagine that, on a lazy weekend, you lean on the sofa, and there is a cup of fragrant coffee within reach. You can easily take out the snacks from the drawer to enjoy leisure time. What a convenient table!

NatuBeau NightStand

Drawer stops are installed under the tabletop to prevent the drawer from falling off, and the full drawer is assembled of 0.43-inch thick boards, better bearing capacity, up to 22 lbs. The shelf is surrounded by a 5.7″ high open fence to prevent items from falling.

About NatuBeau Company

As a professional online retail store, NatuBeau is committed to providing every customer with the highest standard of customer service. They promise to provide high-quality products and work hard to continuously update and iterate products and always be at the forefront of the industry. 

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