King Ma Selfie Lighting

King Ma selfie light is a super bright light that will give you enough light for those selfies and video chatting while in the dark. This light has three settings to choose from, you can get a warm light to the brightest setting, which will light up, and a big enough area to do your videos and pictures.

King Ma Selfie Lighting

The three modes of lights are bright white, bright white + warm yellow, warm yellow), dimmable 3200K (warm yellow) to 5600K (bright white) color temperature, lights controllable from 10% to 100% by 10% for the perfect lighting for any situation.

About King Ma

KingMa is a mature company integrating R&D, production, and sales, with a complete supply chain. Their products are designed to create a smarter and more portable life and a warmer home, and every detail can better meet the needs of customers. They have a professional team to solve any related problems for you from a more professional perspective.

About The Selfie Light

The led clip light can be charged by most devices that support Type-C ports, such as laptops, PCs, power banks, USB chargers, Car chargers, etc. It also includes a built-in rechargeable battery so you do not need extra batteries, we offer to charge accessory Type-c cable.

King Ma Selfie Lighting

This video light is easy to clip on most phones. Compatible with all smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. It is a professional tool for creating live videos with a smartphone or computer, perfect for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, FaceTime, etc. Works on taking selfies at live shows, art photography, objects supplemental light, selfie fill-in light, or inadequate light conditions.

Brightness and Color Adjustment

10%-100% by 10% brightness adjustments. 3200k-5600k color temperature adjustments. Only this one light can already meet the daily shooting needs.

144PCS LED Lamp Beads: Built-in 144 LED lighting beads to solve the problem of light, and improve the quality of night photography. Enjoy your selfies no matter it is indoors or outdoors, daytime or at night.

King Ma Selfie Lighting

Tip: Don’t use a close look at the white LED, otherwise may be visually impaired.

Charging Methods: Fully charged in 2.5 hours, the light has packed with 1950mAh Li-ion batteries, which make sure you can use it anywhere. The battery is rechargeable, Type-c USB cable is.

Super Lightweight to Carry: That’s lightweight and portable, you can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

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