COOSII H300 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

CoosII H300 wireless bluetooth headphones with a built in microphone are a great pair when you use for extended period of time without hurting your head and ears. Hassle-free wireless headphones with long battery life makes everything easier. The music will move with you whether you are working, relaxing, traveling or exercising.

You can use as a Set or Independently, the headphones with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device (eg: smartphones), or use the USB dongle to Bluetooth-enable your audio devices such as computer, laptop to enjoy streaming.

There is a retractable Microphone: The flexible microphone allows for perfect alignment to your mouth and can also retract inside the headset, out of sight, when not needed. To ensure durability, microphone adjustment and retraction have been cycle tested up to 3000 times.

Clever and Convenient Mute Functions: There are two ways to mute, 1) simply insert the retractable microphone into the headset body, or 2) tap the M button once.

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