FIAR Adjustable Dumbbells Set

Here are some adjustable dumbells to go with your workout, these will save some space in your gym. You no longer need to have mutable dumbells to get a great workout, these are adjustable from one pound up to five pounds. Dumbbells are one of the common home gym equipment, with different movements, you can exercise all parts of the body, tighten the muscles and sculpt the lines.

Adjustable Dumbbells

The weight requirements of dumbbells vary in different training stages, but only one set of FIAR adjustable dumbbells is needed to meet the training needs from the beginning to the advanced level.

FIAR adjustable dumbbells, are equivalent to 4 pairs of ordinary dumbbells, saving more space. By increasing or decreasing the number of dumbbell pieces, the weight can be adjusted freely from 2lb to 5lb, which is suitable for a variety of training methods and members with different training levels at home, meet training requirements from entry-level to advanced level.

Adjustable Dumbbells

About The Adjustable Dumbells

A variety of combinations of training: different numbers of dumbbell piece combinations, with different training movements, can be used to exercise arms, back, waist, hips, legs, and other parts; there are also high-value color matching, to break the dull fitness, exercise still keep a good mood.

Quick adjustment of weight: first press, second turns, fast increase or decrease the dumbbell piece number, bring a good user experience; each dumbbell piece is equipped with a safety lock, without noise and shaking, it allows you to focus on your own fitness.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Comfortable grip: grip diameter 38mm, small hands can easily and properly grip; grip outer layer wrapped in environmentally friendly TPU soft rubber, comfortable and non-slip, safe and reliable.

Safe and stable, no harm to the floor: hexagonal design, stable, and not easy to shake the outer layer of the whole package of environmentally friendly soft rubber, to prevent knocking, no harm to the floor.

functions of The Dumbells

38mm grip diameter, small hand friendly: With the outer wrapped TPU soft rubber, anti-sweat and anti-slip, grip more comfortable.

Hexagonal solid design: Safe and stable, not rolling around when dropped, the outer layer wrapped with soft rubber to prevent bumping and not hurt the floor.

Three colors to choose: Sunset orange, mountain gray, lake blue, three colors to choose from, high value, refuse to cold fitness equipment, sports between also want to maintain a good mood.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Best Use For 

Training Recommendations / Entry Level Aerobics, Fat Burning Exercises, HIIT / Advanced Level Aerobics, Increase Weights to Increase Intensity / Entry Level Strength Training, Low-Intensity Total Body Circuit / Advanced Level Strength Training, Medium Intensity Total Body Circuit” Dumbbell advanced training, with FIAR adjustable dumbbells, is enough for your workout!

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