A-Zone 1500W Solar Street Lights

500 watt solar street light is a great light to have if you want to light up your street or back yard. The brightness on this is super bright, lighting up your whole backyard with out using your electricity because the light uses a solar panel to charge up the battery.

This light is solar so you will save on your light bill as it uses the sun to charge up the 8,000mAh battery. You need to charge this light for 6 to 8 hours before first use, after you have charged it up, you can use it all night on that single charge.

A-Zone 300W Solar Street Lights Outdoor Waterproof, 30000LM

Long working battery life: This solar street light has IP65 level waterproof, it can continue to work even in rainy days. No extra electricity cost, save your money and bring you convenience, and the company provides a  2 years product warranty service on this light.

20% higher photovoltaic conversion rate, fast energy storage, battery capacity up to 8,000mAh, fully charged in 6-8 hours even on rainy days, and can continue to work for about 22-24 hours after full.

A-Zone 300W Solar Street Lights Outdoor Waterproof, 30000LM

2 Daily mode automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Control by remote control: 4 timer controls such as 2/4/6/[always lighting] mode

double-sided multi-array design commercial street light, which has a wider illumination range than the flat type, and is an integrated type for easier assembly and installation.

30000LM High Brightness Solar Street Light. This street light has 270 built-in high-brightness energy-saving LED beads, which is suitable for courtyard, garden, patio, parking lot, commercial square and other outdoor places.

A-Zone 300W Solar Street Lights Outdoor Waterproof, 30000LM

Easy to install: Simple steps, you can install LED solar street light on concrete walls, wood house walls, light poles.

Durable & energy efficient: Solar street light is composed of ABS+PC material, IP65 waterproof grade certification, so that it can continue to operate in harsh environment, is the best choice for saving energy.

Excellent lighting: The light-emitting surface of the solar street lamp adopts a 200° wide-angle design, and the irradiated area is better than that of the ordinary street lamp.

Charge the solar panel for 4-6 hours before installation to test whether the light can work normally. Please install the solar outdoor street lights in the position where the sun shines

Regularly clean the sundries of the solar panel to prolong the service life. The company provides a 1 year Support Service.

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