Fika Carbonator Pro Fizzy Drink Maker

If you love drinking fizzy water the Fika Carbonator Pro is a great solution. This machine allows you to make any kind of fizzy drink from soda to just sparkling water all from this machine. The machine is sleek, and lightweight not taking much room on your counter to store. 

Fika Carbonator Pro Fizzy Drink Maker

As sparkling lovers and mixology enthusiasts, we understand the frustration that comes with machines offering barely sufficient carbonation and disappointing durability. The Fika Carbonator Pro stands apart with the strongest carbonation level available on the market.


Experience the ultimate fizz with Fika Carbonator Pro, designed to deliver extraordinary carbonation that surpasses mediocrity. With 50% more carbonation than average, it’s your ticket to elevating fizzy drinks to new heights and crafting exhilaratingly bubbly drinks.

The intuitive handle makes carbonation simple with one-handed operation. The handle’s inclusive design, with the ideal curve and width, ensures a comfortable experience for everyone.

Save the hassle of lugging and storing packs of sparkling drinks. With Fika, you can create and mix sparkling drinks at home in 3 seconds. Customize the fizziness of your drink by simply adjusting the duration of your handle press. It’s as easy as that.

Fika Carbonator Pro Fizzy Drink Maker

Extra Features:

NEXT LEVEL CARBONATION – Experience 50% more carbonation with our upgraded stainless steel nozzle and high-pressure valve system.

EASY ONE-HANDED OPERATION – The intuitive metal handle and the Click&Lock bottle make drink preparation simple.

ON-DEMAND AND CUSTOMIZABLE – Indulge in endless bubbly drinks at your choice of fizziness. No batteries and no cords are required.

PREMIUM MATERIALS – Solid metal components and refined finishes are used in key touchpoints, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.

TWO-YEAR WARRANTY – Fika Carbonator Pro is covered by 2 Year Warranty. We at Fika value our customer experience as the highest priority. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us for quick assistance.

CO2 NOT INCLUDED – requires separate purchase of standard screw-in 60L CO2 canister (NOT Pink Cap) to operate.

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