Flixclusive v1.4.0 Free HD Tv Show & Movies

Flixclusive is another movie and TV show app for all your Android devices including the Firestick. If you are a movie and TV show lover, you will love it. This app works well on the Nvidia Shield and any Android device. Come take a look at how great this movie and TV show app is for all your streaming needs, for FREE

Flixclusive Menu Sidebar

Flixclusive sidebar menu has the Most popular, Movies, TV shows, Local Movies, Local Subtitles, Search subtitles, Favorite, History, About, and Exit.

Popular Section

The Most Popular section will show you the app’s most popular movies that are trending, such as Bad Boys For Life, Joker, and many more. This section is where you will find most of the newest movies in the theater.

Movie Section

The movie section will have all the movies new or old, including the movies just released. I did notice there were many movies in this section to choose from.

Tv Shows

In this section, you will find your newest TV shows to the oldest TV shows that have been aired on TV. A few of the TV shows that are listed in this section are Blindspot, Twilight, iZombie, American Dad, and many more. I am surprised by how many TV shows are in this section.

Local Movies

Local movies will list all the movies you have on your device storage drive, if you use this app on your Nvidia shield and have a hard drive connected to it, you can watch those movies right through the app.

Local Subtitles

Local Subtitles will search your local store for any subtitles you may have stored on your device. This is not needed for me so I don’t use this section.

Search Subtitles

Search subtitles allow you to search subtitles of any movie you type in the search bar. I just went in to search for the new “Bad Boys For Life” and it came up with Arabic subtitles and Persian subtitles for this movie. As soon as the movie has been out for a while, I bet they will add more language subtitles.


Enjoying lots of movies and want them to be at your fingertips? saving movies to your favorites will allow you to have your favorite movies in one place so you can access them quickly.


The history section will keep the history of all the movies you have watched in the app, you can delete any of the movies by just deleting the movie from your list.


My Opinion of Flixclusive

I have used this app for a few hours and I think it runs smoothly with no ads or popups. All the movies play with many different links to different sources. The best part is when you go to the movie to play, you have many options to choose from.

Some of the options are watching the movie, viewing the movie trailer, seeing the gallery photos of the movie, and details of the movie and you can see movies that are related to this movie.


At the time of writing, this can be found in the GitHub HERE This will keep you updated with the latest progress of the app. You can also view the negative and positive feedback from other users.



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