Google’s Unlimited Internet No Caps

Google’s Unlimited Internet: Google has now rolled out an unlimited internet service to its consumers in certain areas called “Google Fiber“. Hopefully, soon Google will add more areas to their service.

If you are interested in google service and the service is not in your area, you can input your address to be signed up for notifications on updates to adding service in your area.

About Google Service

Limitless entertainment: With up to 1000 Mbps, our fiber optic Internet lets you do whatever you want, whenever you want. Download in seconds and stream instantly. Go ahead, use multiple devices at the same time.

Uploads as fast as downloads: Whatever you use high-speed Internet for–broadcasting live, uploading your photos, sharing huge files, or video chatting in HD–our symmetrical upload and download speeds give you all the power you’ll need and then some.

Powerful Wireless Internet: Get powerful Wi-Fi, designed to give you access to Google Fiber gigabit Internet throughout your home.

Straightforward pricing: That means no annual contracts, no installation fees or hidden fees. Choose the home Internet service plan that’s best for you without worry.

Use as much Internet as you want: They are the Internet service provider who won’t put caps on how much data you can use. So go ahead and stream, download, and play your heart out.

Cancel anytime: No annual contracts means no early termination fees. If you change your mind, you can switch your plan or cancel anytime. No problem.

What Does Google Offer?

There are two different Google’s Unlimited Internet plans, the “Fiber 100” offers up to 100mbps up and down speeds. With this plan there are no data caps, you can binge online as much as you like without having to pay extra and you are not under contract for the service.

The second plan and best plan is called “Fiber 1000” This plan offers up to 1Tb data up and down speeds and no data caps for this service. Like with the other plan, you can binge online as much as you like without being charged for the extra data charge and you are not under contract. You can cancel service anytime you like, but with the plans, Google offers, there will be no reason to cancel service.

Google Plan Price

Fiber 100mbps – $50 a month

Fiber 1000mbps – $70 a month

Internet Box

With Google’s Unlimited Internet, they will give you an internet box with dual-band WiFi free, there are no rental fees for the modem/wifi internet box.

Fiber Cities

Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX

Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL **

Denver, CO **

Huntsville, AL

Kansas City, MO/KS

Miami, FL **

Nashville, TN

Oakland, CA **

Orange County, CA

Provo, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

San Antonio, TX

San Diego, CA **

Francisco, CA **

Seattle, WA **

The Triangle, NC

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