Google Fiber Cable Tv

Google Fiber Cable Tv: Google now is offering Fiber Tv to give you tons of channels including your local channels all for a great price. Fiber Tv has two different plans to choose from including internet plans.

One of the plans including the internet is called “Fiber 100 + TV” this plan gives you up to 100mbps of internet plus one hundred plus channels.

You also have the option to just have the tv service those packages are a lot cheaper if you decide not to add the internet service to your package. I have a break down of the prices and what you will get in each packages.


Fiber 100 + Tv: offers up to 100mbps up and down speeds. With this plan there are no data caps, you can binge online as much as you like without having to pay extra and you are not under contract for the service.

Fiber 1000 + Tv: This plan offers up to 1Tb data up and down speeds and no data caps for this service. Like with the other plan, you can binge online as much as you like without being charged for the extra data charge and you are not under contract.

With both plans, you will get over 150 channels including your local channels. If you are wanting extra packages there are different prices. There are different packages, the movie packages, Spanish package, Family Package, and a Sports package. If you are wanting all the packages for one low price you can get the package called “All In Package”

On-demand movies and shows

Watch thousands of shows and movies On Demand with Google Fiber. Browse movie titles and purchase movies right from your remote control. You can also access Netflix and VUDU directly on the TV box through the built-in player.

Premium & Sports Packages

Google has got more movies, original series, sports, and Spanish programming. Current Google Fiber customers can add optional packages to Fiber 1000 + TV and Fiber 100 + TV at an additional cost.

For those who live in the cities that Fiber Cable Tv is in, you might want to take a look at these services, as they offer great prices for tv and internet that just can’t be beaten by any company around.

Internet + Tv Package Price

Fiber 100 + Tv – $140 a month

Fiber 1000 + Tv – $160 a month

Premium Tv Only Packages:

Starz Package – $10 A month

Showtime Package – $10 a month

HBO Package – $20 a month

Latino Package – $5 a month

Family Package – $10 a month

Movies Package – $10 a month

Sports Package – $10 a month

Premium Package – $45 a month

All-In Package – $70 a month (BEST Choice)

Premium Package Include Channels

Starz Channels:

  • IndiePlex

  • MoviePlex

  • RetroPlex




  •  EDGE



  • Black




  • Español







  • Flix

  • Sho2

  • Showcase

  • Showtime

  • Beyond

  • Extreme

  • Family

  • Next

  • Showcase

  • Women

  • The Movie Channel

  • Movie Channel Extra

HBO Channels:


  • HBO

  •  2

  • Comedy

  • Family

  • Latino

  • Signature

  •  Zone

Family Channels:

  • ASPiRE

  • Baby TV

  • BabyFirst

  • ducktv

  • FidoTV

  • Game Show Network

  • Ovation TV

  • Showtime

  •  Family

  • Smithsonian

  • UP

  • Up Faith & Family

Sports Channels:

  • ESPN Classic

  • ESPN Goal Line/Bases Loaded

  •  Atlantic

  • Central

  • Pacific

  • Plus

  • Arizona

  • Detroit

  • Florida

  • Midwest

  •  Ohio

  • San Diego

  • South

  • Southeast

  • Southwest

  •  Sun

  • Wisconsin

  • GolTV English

  • Havoc

  • Longhorn Network

  • MavTV

  • MLB Strike Zone

  • NFL RedZone

  • Outdoor Channel

  • Outside Television

  • Arizona

  • Bay Area

  • Mountain

  • Oregon

  • Washington

  • Ride TV

  • Sportsman Channel

  • TV Games Network

  • TVG2

  • Willow Cricket

  • World Fishing Network

  • YES Network

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