Hipidog Automatic Pet Feeder Water Dispenser

An automatic pet feeder is great for your pets, this helps not to refill the dog or cat food every day. All you need to do is just fill it, this lasts for seven days for small animals and three days for larger breeds. The food feed and water dispenser adopt Natural Gravity Supply System, food and water will gradually fill for pets to eat and drink.

Automatic Pet Feeder & Water Dispenser

This feeder needs no electricity at all, it can be used anywhere, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This pet feeder is perfect for pet owners who live busy lives. Food Grade Material: Our feeder and waterer are made of food-grade plastic, 100% BPA Free. Protect your pet’s health.

Fresh Water and Food Anytime: The bowl refills with water/ food as it empties, keeping water and food fresh inside the reservoir until it dispenses.

Non-slip Rubber Feet: Non-slip rubber feet ensure safe placement. Easy to Clean: The bottle is easy to unscrew from the base and features a wide mouth bottle for convenient hand-washing

Automatic Pet Feeder & Water Dispenser


Automatic supply feeder and waterer set: Natural gravity supply system, no electricity required, Eco-friendly, and can be used anywhere.

2. Size and Capacity: both feeder and waterer measure 32 x 21 x 32 cm; large capacity 3.8L, can last about 7days for small pets,3 days for big pets, you can rest assured to go on vacation, work, party, do not have to worry about pets will be hungry.

3. Humanization design: Side cut-out handles for easy lifting and cleaning, non-skid rubber feet for secure placement.

Automatic Pet Feeder & Water Dispenser

4. Easy to clean: barrel and chassis of the automatic feeder can be split, you can rinse directly with water, it is recommended to wash once a week

5. MATERIAL: BPA Free. Made of environmentally safe, non-toxic plastic. Protect your pet’s health.

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