YouTube & Their Community Strikes

YouTube & Their Community Strikes


YouTube & Their Community Strikes: Are you a creator who post videos on YouTube, or want to start your youtube channel? Here is some great information for you to know about before you start up a Youtube channel.

First off let me tell you a little bit about my youtube history. I have been working on my channel since August 2014 with doing product reviews to doing educational videos on how to get free live tv, movies and tv shows on your Android devices, and just recently on iOS systems.

If anyone knows about youtube when they first launched Feb 2005, but in November 2006 google bought the site for US$1.65 billion. You as a creator was able to upload anything that you wanted from the start, I remember they even had adult content on the platform. In fact, YouTube was first a dating site called “Tune In Hook Up”



Developers of YouTube or UTube:

The developers who started Youtube were, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. The developers decided to go a different way from a dating app. The first Youtube video added to the platform was called “Me at the Zoo


Since then, youtube has come a long way with millions of subscribers, users, and creators. The problem started two years ago with youtube giving community strikes to people for reviewing certain videos. Then Youtube fixed this error, then people were getting demonetized videos.

Problem With YouTube

When you would file a complaint with youtube on the “Not suited for all advertisers” Some would release the video for monetizing, others would come back as manual reviewed and not suited to monetize video.

After fixing that problem, everyone who experienced this problem had been resolved. Then comes the dark cloud with people claiming copyright on their videos, even though they did not have any rights to the content in the creator’s videos.

Youtube would allow the person to claim the rights, even though they had no claim. On the other hand, some of the creators would fight back and asking Youtube to have the claimant to provide proof as it’s their content that was being copied.

Most of the claims would be dismissed due to false claims. Now here comes the Big Black Cloud again, most YouTubers in the Kodi and Android APK community have been either channel shut down, striked or demonetized and or all three.

Youtube Changes:

Now that youtube has been making big changes to their platform, most us YouTubers are just trying to stay alive and on the platform. Youtube never tells you what you have done wrong, they just send you to an automated message and expect you to know what you have done wrong or how to fix the problem so you will not have this problem in the future.

Youtube has no way to contact them via phone, only email, and if you are lucky you will get a robot to send you to the automated message. If you don’t have 100,000+ subscribers, they do not want to deal with you at all.

If you are a small channel, you have no chance of making money from your videos, even if you have reached the 4,000 hours watched time and the 1,000 subscribers that youtube requires before you can enter into the partner program. They state you are in review for the partner program, which will take you a year to even get a response.

Youtube Channel Not Monetized:

I have set up a Youtube channel for my son to do his game and toy reviews back a year ago, he has added his first video back on November 2018, already has hit the required 4,000 watched hours and 1,000 subscribers.

He has now been in review for 4 months and Youtube has not even contacted us about adding him to the partner program.

Look at the terms and conditions before you plan to make a Youtube channel. You will want to also look over their community guidelines, to make sure you follow their rules when uploading videos. Have patience if you want to monetize your channel, it can take up to two years before you are approved.

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