IMDb FreeDive Amazon Movie App

IMDb FreeDive Amazon Movie App


IMDb FreeDive Amazon Movie App -Do you have an Amazon device like the firestick fire tv or the Amazon box to play applications? If you said yes, then you will love what I have to share with you guys and gals.

Here is a new application that allows you to watch free movies on any of your Amazon devices.

This application offers Amazon customers lots of free movies and tv shows to watch on your fire devices.

FreeDive has many categories to choose from, some of the categories are:

  • Top-rated movies
  • Tv Shows
  • IMDb Originals
  • Action & Adventure
  • Based on a true story
  • Comedies
  • Dramas
  • Date night picks
  • Movies for the whole family
  • Chills & Thrills
  • Sci-Fi
  • IMDb Staff picks
  • Hits of the 80s
  • Documentaries

Among the free titles to stream on IMDb Freedive are:

  • Zorro
  • Monster
  • Roxanne
  • Last Action Hero
  • Fools Rush In
  • Monster House
  • Resident Evil
  • Gattaca
  • Look Who’s Talking
  • Peggy Sue Got Married
  • Fringe
  • Dallas
  • Playing House
  • Kitchen Nightmares

There are so many titles to choose, from your movies to your favorite tv shows.

Just because you have a fire device, does not mean you can’t watch free movies on it.

How to Install Freedive on Amazon Fire Devices

  • From the main menu of your Amazon Fire device, click on the Amazon App Store icon.
  • Search for IMDb Freedive in the search box.
  • Click on the IMDb Freedive icon and then click on Install
  • Click yes if you are asked to approve any permissions from the app.
  • When the app is installed, it will be found in your Apps section!

If you are not using an Amazon fire device, you can access the service using an Amazon account through a web browser.

You can access the content using the link below

Sign in IMDb FreeDive

If you are using a browser, once you sign in to your account, you will see all the movies and tv shows in the listing. You will need to download a plugin to play the movies and tv shows. The plugin is called Microsoft Silverlight.

IMDb FreeDive Amazon Movie App
IMDb FreeDive Amazon Movie App

Just follow the direction from the plugin, and that is it! You can now enjoy all the free movies. The movies are free because they have ads inside the interface.

*At this moment, the content cannot be accessed by any tablets or mobile phones, only through a laptop or desktop computer* 

Freedive is only available in the U.S. at the moment and it’s unclear if there are any plans to launch internationally.


Install IMDb FreeDive On Your Android Devices


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