Intex Overlapping Swimming Pool Liner 22 x 52 Review

Intex Overlapping Swimming Pool Liner Intex Coleman 22 x 52 – Do you have an old Intex or Coleman swimming lying around? You will want to read this article to see how to replace your pool liner.

Now that it is summer and the days are getting hotter outside, you will want to bring out that swimming pool to enjoy your days at home. No need to purchase a new swimming pool every year, I have a solution for you to use that old swimming pool and make it look like a new pool without spending too much money. Bring out that old dusty Intex, Best Way, or Coleman swimming pool, I have a solution for you to enhance that swimming pool as if it was Brand New.

How to install the Pool:

No matter what size swimming pool you have, this will work for you! First off you will need to buy a few items to freshen up your swimming pool. First, you will need to purchase an overlapping swimming pool liner.

Second, and I highly recommend buying the gorilla pad to go underneath the new liner and above the old above-ground liner. Thirdly, I recommend purchasing some rope or some clamps to hold the liner while you put up the pool liner, so the inner won’t fall inside the pool while filling it up with water.

Before you start adding your gorilla pad and liner, make sure you have a clean pool with no rocks or sand that will harm your liner. After you have cleaned out your old pool liner, go ahead and install the gorilla pad to the bottom of the old swimming pool, once that has been laid down, add your liner to the pool. Make sure to let it sit in the sun for thirty minutes to an hour for the liner to stretch out.

Now you can lay the liner over the sides, you might need two people to help you on this part unless you have some clamps. Once you have all the liner over all the sides, use your feet to get out the creases from the bottom.

After you have gotten all the creases out of the bottom, you can add water to your pool.


Do Not cut the holes for your inlet and Return the outlet until the water in the pool reaches two inches below the inlet (where the water gets sucked up)

After your water reaches about two inches from your inlet hole, go ahead and add your inlet and return the outlet. Now! you are free to add more water to your desired fill.

Now! You are ready to swim in your new improved swimming pool that will cost you less money in the end.

When purchasing Swimming pool liners, I suggest buying the highest gauge (25 and up) for more quality and to prevent tears.

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