SMOROBOT Intelligent Path Robotic Pool Cleaner

Here is an intelligent powerful cordless pool vacuum, this will make cleaning your pool a breeze. This pool cleaner gives the meaning of set it and forget it, meaning.  All you need to do is charge the vacuum, choose your setting and insert it into the pool and watch it clean your swimming pool.

SmoRobot Pool Cleaner

About The SmoRobot

Subverting Tradition, Ten Times More Efficient:Advanced algorithm enables it to carry out true intelligent path planning in the pool, no matter on the floor or the walls. Efficient coverage reaches 1180 ft²/h, with larger area cleaned in the same time period than with traditional randomized route. One charge for 3.5H (210min) runtime, covering up to 4100ft².

Cordless, Tangle-Free, Time-Saving:Cordless design makes it easy to use and store. Light-weight and compact, it’s easily portable. Fast charging plus long runtime reduces charging frequency and that will save you a lot of time.

Strong Suction Power and Innovative Structure for Outstanding Cleaning Results:Super strong power comes from a 10000mAh battery, 188W suction power, and triple smart mortors. Ultra-scrubbing brush wheels detach cling-on dirt and debris (including ultra-fine particles) from surfaces to be picked up easily.

SmoRobot Pool Cleaner

Automatic, Unimaginable Ease of Use: Just switch on, drop it in the pool, and it starts cleaning on its own until the job is done. Requiring very little user action, it’s a true set-and-forget robot.

Intelligent Path Planning(Floor+Walls) 10x More Efficient

Good planning makes for good results. SMOROBOT’s Intelligent Path Planning precisely measures your pool dimensions, then uses advanced algorithms to map the most efficient and effective cleaning route possible. Different from conventional pool cleaners with randomized routing, SMOROBOT Tank X robots can clean the whole swimming pool, line by line, and edge to edge, including walls and the waterline.

Based on internal testing conducted by SMOROBOT LAB using Fast Cleaning Mode with full-charged battery. Actual results may vary according to the pool environment.

SmoRobot Pool Cleaner

Walls and Waterline: Excellent wall climber, agile even on 90° walls with smooth surfaces. Automatically measure water depth and thoroughly clean walls and waterline adopting a unique V-shaped path.

Dual Cleaning System: Ultra-scrubbing brush wheels and 188W water pump efficiently scrub away organic stains stuck on surfaces. Easily pick up fallen leaves, dust, grit, hair, and algae.

Advanced Edge Cleaning: Adaptable to different pool edges. Taking U-turns repeatedly to remove debris accumulated in corners.

Powerful and Long-lasting: 10000mAh battery capacity enables 3.5 hours runtime on a single charge, driving three high-speed smart motors for agile movement and ultra strong suction power.

Two Cleaning Modes: Standard & Fast: Standard cleaning mode has denser cleaning paths, ideal for pools uncleaned for a while. Fast cleaning mode cleans faster, suitable for regular cleaning.

SmoRobot Pool Cleaner

Auto Stop at Side: Automatically stop by the nearest wall after the clean is done, ready to be retrieved with the Hook or the floating ring.

Quadruple Battery Protection: Comprehensive mechanisms to ensure battery safety, including

Short-Circuit Protection

Over-Temperature Protection

Overcharge Protection

Overdischarge Protection

Fine & Ultra-fine Filters: Fine filter for rough and heavy debris like leaves, hair, bugs, gravel, etc. Ultra-fine filter for ultra-fine particles like sand, algae, mineral deposits, dirt, and more.

SmoRobot Pool Cleaner

All Pool Floors: Suitable for all pool floors, including Pebble, Plaster, Concrete, Paint, Tiles, Gunite, Vinly Line, PVC and etc.

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