Mason Jar Wax Melt Warmer

Here is a great wax warmer using natural contents like a mason jar, and light to melt your scented wax cubes. This mason jar is super nice on the look and brings the wax melts to smell up your home with all your favorite smells, eliminating those stubborn smells in your home. There are so many different wax melts on the markets, but this one caught my attention with the look, of having that rustic feel to it.

About The Mason Jar Warmer

the electric wax warmer is a safer and cleaner alternative to burning traditional warmer. (No soot. No smoke. No flame)without flame, soot, or other pollutants, The scented oil warmer keeps the air smelling fresh and welcoming. Choose your favorite fragrance to fill the air with a pleasant and relaxing aroma.

The mason jar wax melt warmer was made with thick, durable glassware that is built to resist cracking and breaking, Our wax warmer is also a great gift for friends, lovers, kids, and children for Christmas

mason glass jar Scentsy wax warmer includes a 59″ long cord with an easy on-off switch, a removable glass dish for wax melts, glass bowl on the top that can be without difficulty lifted off to clean.

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Wax Melts come in many different flavors to choose from, the one that I did pick up was the apple dumplings. Though I had already had some from my other wax warmer, you can enjoy your favorite scents like this flavor. If you like the smell of these Apple dumplings, you might like the Snickerdoodle flavor.

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