Plex Addon vs XBMC Kodi

Plex Addon Vs XBMC, what is the difference between the two media centers. Here I will review the differences between the two platforms that allow you to watch movies and tv shows all for free.

If you know about Kodi, then you know what all it has to offer you as a media streamer. Plex, it’s much like Kodi, only a bit different in how you receive your media content.

Plex is a media streaming platform that allows you to watch movies and tv shows for free. If you are interested in free movies & tv shows, this is the app. This video is about Nvidia Shield Connected To Plex Server

Download Plex Media Center:

Play store

The original version can be found in the Play store HERE to support the developer.

What’s New

  • No user-facing changes on mobile.
  • TV] Improve card appearance.
  • [TV] Live TV: new TV guide with improved performance.
  • Player: crash could occur starting playback when Picture-in-Picture is not available on the device.
  • Player: prevent a crash when stopping playback.
  • Navigating to a Related Podcasts item would fail sometimes.
  • Home and Recommended items would not always display items from the start after refresh
  • Player: race condition resulting in a crash when using the software video decoder.
  • Player: crash could occur when seeking on 32-bit devices.
  • [Auto] Music sources would sometimes not be displayed if Podcasts were disabled.
  • Player: upgrade ExoPlayer to v2.10.3.
  • [Mobile] App could crash when editing the settings for notifications.
  • [Mobile] Clicking on syncing notification could bypass user PIN protection.
  • [Mobile] Sidebar would not always open when clicking the avatar.
  • [TV] Server: remove undesired text from server configuration screens.
  • [Mobile] App could crash when resuming on the library screen.
  • [Mobile] Sharing: removing all libraries from a shared server in a friend’s details would not work.
  • [Mobile] Sharing: libraries were saved for an existing user in the new share flow after going back.
  • Player: playback of live tv could fail if the server bandwidth limit is set.
  • [Mobile] Added “Go to show” item to overflow menus of all media types that are episodes.
  • [Mobile] Playback commands could not work when playing photo content over the remote player.
  • [Mobile] Player: app could crash when casting music if visualizer was previously enabled.
  • [TV] Ensure pressing back works as expected when navigating sources.
  • [TV] Some screens were missing background on devices with API 21.
  • [TV] Improve source reordering.

Plex [Final] [Unlocked] mod by Balatan


Download Plex Mod version


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