Sodastream CO2 Hack: Connect To 5Lb Tank

Sodastream Co2 Hack, Have you been looking for a way to use a bigger co2 tank without spending a fortune? Well! look no further, this hack will give you good-tasting sugary soft drinks at very little cost compared to buying regular soda. I am going to show you how you can connect a bigger canister of co2 to your SodaStream machine at home and not for too much money.

SodaStream And Its Refills

Are you thinking about purchasing a SodaStream machine and have you found out the cost to have the canisters refilled? Have a SodaStream and are tired of paying the high price for refilling the tiny canisters just to have fizzy water or soda? Well, I have a hack for you to have the same great-tasting fizzy drink without having to pay the high price to refill the co2 canisters.

SodaStream Fizzi

I purchased the SodaStream system just a few weeks ago, and have already gone through two 14.5oz of co2, which gave me about just over a week of use before the canister of co2 ran out. I knew I had to find out another way to get the co2 into a bigger tank so that it will last longer and would be much cheaper than paying for an exchange at my local shopping store. The price that my local Walmart charges for an exchange is around fifteen dollars plus tax, so it would be around twenty dollars to exchange for a 14.5oz canister. I can get five lbs of co2 for the price of twenty-three dollars tax included.

SodaStream Hack to make sugary soft drinks

First off, you need to go to your local welding shop, they sell co2 tanks in 5lbs and up to bigger tank sizes. For this purpose, I purchased a 5lb tank with co2 which cost me $23 for a completely new filled tank. Then you will need to purchase the adapter.

Stop paying the high price to exchange your co2 canister when you can just go to your local sporting goods store or your local welding shop. Anywhere that has co2 and its 99.99% pure co2 will work with your SodaStream machine. It’s easy, just purchase the Adapter and the tank at your local paintball, sporting goods, or welding shops. it’s that easy and will save you money in the long run. If you are not much of a user of the SodaStream machine, then exchange would be best suited for you.


Is SodaStream cheaper than buying soda?

Yes! Soda from your local stores can cost you around $1 each or about $4 – $6 for a 24 pack, with Sodastream you would spend around $0.75 a liter. One liter is roughly about 3 12oz soda cans.

Is it easy to hack your Sodastream Co2?

Yes! All you need to do to hack your Sodastream is to purchase the adapter to connect to a larger Co2 tank.

How much is a Soda Stream gas refill?

To have the Sodastream Co2 refilled, you would need to go to your local store that sells the Sodastream, exchange your empty for a new one would cost you around $15 – $20 depending on your location

Where can I purchase the Adapter for my SodaStream? 

You can purchase the Adapter online, shipping would be the next day if you have Amazon Prime. If you purchase from a seller on amazon, shipping could take as long as a week to receive.

When should I change SodaStream gas?

You should change out your Co2 when your Sodastream is not producing the fizzy in your water or if nothing comes out of your machine when making your fizzy drink.

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  1. Thanks for the details on using 5lb co2 tank with soda stream. I am having funny petrolium tatste in the water. Any suggestions on how to filter this out?

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