Totexil Solar Street Light with Remote Control

Are you looking to light up your home area, or your yard? Well look no further, this street light runs off solar power, giving you worry-free light access to anywhere you install this light. You can charge all day while the sun is out, and at night watch it light up your home, street, or even yard without wiring it up to your home.

Totexil Solar Street Light

The solar street light is equipped with 196 LEDs, which can reach 1000 lumens. and the remote control to switch 3 modes easily. It can provide super brightness ​and security for your garden, garage, path, and gate in the dark, enjoying a more convenient and environmentally friendly life.


These lights are made of premium ABS and PC materials, solar street lights outdoors are heatproof and IP65 waterproof and can withstand any extreme weather for a long time, such as rainstorms, snowstorms, frost, or daily high temperatures. Moreover, solar security lights are carried with a polysilicon solar panel, which has high photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Totexil Solar Street Light

The solar parking lot lights adopt a double-sided 45 ° angle design. It not only has a novel appearance but also can bring 220 ° ultra wide-angle lighting, brighter and wider than ordinary street lamps. And its bracket can adjust the angle to get the best angle for the solar panel to obtain more sunlight.

Super is easy to install, and all the installation tools are included, including screws, rotatable brackets, remote control, etc. The solar flood lights are very easy to install, just use 10 minutes to fix two screws on the wall or pole.

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