Ultimate Dog Shedding Grooming Kit

Do you have a shedding dog that needs to remove all their hair? Look no further, this kit has all the brushes and combs you need to get rid of all those knots and tangles. The best part of these brushes is all you need to do to get rid of the hair from the brush, is to push the button from the back of the brush to expel the hair.

Tools for Brushing Long-Haired Dogs, The kinds of brushes and tools you use will make your job easier when handling long-haired dogs. It should be pointed out that if you’re in this for the duration with your pet, get the best tools for the job that you can afford. That isn’t to say that they need to be expensive. They just need to be durable and the right tools for your particular dog.

Ultimate Dog Shedding Grooming Kit

Pin brushes won’t get off the lion’s share of the fur or hair on your long-haired dog but they will smooth tangles that are not severe and they again provide a comfortable way to brush most dogs. Lying the foundation for later when you work out tangles or work on the undercoat, the pin brush is a great prep tool. Try to brush your dog as much as possible everywhere with pin brushes before using other tools and you should have greater success–both with the dogs and any problem grooming spots.

Also, consider using a spray that has a bit of detangler in it. It makes hair and fur smoother to work with and creates less static as well. Removing knots, dander and loose hair from your pet‘s fur just got easier. Press the button on the slicker brush after you are done and watch the bristles retract and the hair fall right off.

Ultimate Dog Shedding Grooming Kit

Regular grooming will help keep your pet’s fur fluffy and reduce shedding of fur hence your house will be kept clean. Steel comb is a must-have in any pet grooming supplies set. Get essential grooming tools for dogs and cats in one swoop. It comes with a Deshedding comb, Dematting comb, Massage brush, Steel comb, Slicker brush, Rubber palm brush, and Fine grooming comb. Keep your pet looking like they just walked out of the groomer.

This brush-like shedding massage tool features multiple smaller bristles, is Made of silicone, and is designed for comfort and durability with easy cleaning. It comes with an organizer kit making it easy to store and bring on the go.

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