VAINOC Plush Soft Pet Carrier bed Pad

Vainoc is a super soft plush bed for your loved one, that comes in several different sizes to suit your pup’s needs. This plush pillow bed is super soft and comfy for your fur friend, your pup can enjoy a good night’s rest in this plush dog bed.


Non-Skid Bottom Surface dog bed equipped with upgraded non-skid and anti-scratch bottom surface to prevent moving and shifting when your pet steps on, steps off, or curls up for a nap.

About Vainoc Company

They are a team of passionate pet parents who understand our pets are part of the family. They are committed to developing products that inspire tails to wag, put smiles on faces, and make every adventure with our pets better.

Their team member has upgraded the dog bed due to the reviews of customers. First of all, they have improved the quality of the inside polypropylene to 7D fiber and added more than three-quarters of the fillings inside. Secondly, their dog bed is equipped with upgraded non-skid and anti-scratch bottom surfaces. Thirdly, they have upgraded the sewing technology, to avoid tearing.


Their dog crate beds are specially designed to help alleviate and soothe pet anxiety. The company is committed to pet bedding, all of our employees are fans of dogs or cats, and their priority is to provide the best comfortable pet bed and pet supplies to your cute friends.


Material -Material of the dog bed cover Adopt Ultra Soft Velvet. plush material makes it super soft, fluffy, cozy, and not easy to shedding, full stuffing ensures your dogs or cats are surrounded by love & warmth, helps them to calm down faster, ease anxiety, and sleep well. The material of the filling is a down-like microfibre, This No Odor peculiar smell, and No irritation.


Suitable for Small Breeds( between 15 to 25 pounds); M size(21*30*3 inch ) is Suitable for Medium Breeds( between 26 to 40 pounds); L size(23*36*3.6 inch ) is Suitable for Large Breeds( between 41 to 70 pounds); XL size(27*42*4 inch ) is Suitable for Large Breeds( between 71 to 100 pounds).

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