Vixic D1600 Portable Label Printer

The vixic D1600 is a portable label printer to print out your labels, you can print out notes, and labels to label your containers and cabinets. This includes 1500+ icons, 270+ borders, 150+ fonts, 26 templates, 11 languages. D1600 inkless label maker adopts Thermal Transfer Technology to make label retention last longer.

DPI increased 25% for more clear printing. The included laminated label tapes are waterproof, abrasion-resistant, fade-resistant, and temperature resistant. Long-lasting and high-quality labels bring you more satisfactory results

Power by built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery (Type-C cable included). D1600 portable label machine can standby for 4 months on a single charge. No need to repurchase batteries, environmentally friendly and saves money

Vixic D1600 Portable Label Printer

About The Label Maker

Vixic D1600 Bluetooth Label Maker with Tapes is perfect for anything that can be labeled, such as cups, vases, cosmetics, cabinets, notebooks, toys, seasoning jars, personal items, light switches, containers, flower pots, documents, folders, shelves, books, accessories, etc.

Also suitable for many outdoor places and industrial places, warehouses, chemical laboratories, schools, hotels, hospitals, etc. Vixic D1600 Wireless Label Maker Machine with Tape-Perfect for Creative Label Making.

Vixic D1600 Portable Label Printer

Vixic D1600 Label Maker Machine-Unique Appearance and Color, Special Design Just for You. If you want to give a gift to your family, friends, and loved ones, the Vixic D1600 Bluetooth Label Maker would be a good choice.

Vixic D1600 Inkless Label Maker-Better Quality Better for Your Daily Use. Vixic D1600 Portable Label Maker-Keep Your Items Organized and Found at a Glance.

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