Google Nest Hub Smart Home Assistant

Google Smart Home Assistant: The Google Nest Hub was earlier known as the Home Hub. They rebranded the gadget during its Google 2019 keynote in the spring.

At the point when the Google Nest Hub ($149) touched base around our work area, we were amazed. This minor little box can’t be it, we thought. Savvy shows (shrewd speakers with inherent voice collaborators like Google Assistant or Alexa) should have enormous screens, huge impressions, and bunches of extravagant accessories.

Google Nest Hub

Google’s Nest Hub has other ideas, and though it’s tiny, it has some powerful features that make it mighty under the hood. In a way, its simple approach is a refreshing take on the smart display but it also feels watered down.

Google Smart Assistant

Tiny screen, big world

At just over 4.5 inches tall, the Google Nest Hub is comparatively small, with a seven-inch portrait-style screen attached to an oval fabric stand on the back. Unlike its competition, the hulking Amazon Echo Show — which features a ten-inch screen and a four-inch base — the Nest Hub takes up almost no room at all, and can sit anywhere without taking up much space. That makes it easy to fit in many parts of your home.


In contrast to other savvy shows, the Nest Hub comes up short on a camera of any sort, which is either something worth being thankful for or an awful thing, contingent upon how you feel about your security and the absence of capacity to video visit. The main catches outwardly of the Hub are volume up/down and mic on/off.

At the point when put by the Echo Show and the Lenovo Smart Display (another brilliant speaker with a screen fueled by Google Assistant), the distinction in size resembles contrasting a tablet with a cell phone. While the Nest Hub’s little size makes it progressively flexible, most shrewd presentations are intended for essential use in the kitchen it feels like a botched chance, given the gadget accompanies a half year of free YouTube Premium. The screen is too little to even consider watching for an all-inclusive measure of time.

Google Nest Hub

Google Photos

In any case, the Nest Hub fills in as an advanced photograph outline. On the off chance that you use Google Photos, you can associate your collections to the gadget during set up and have photographs of your decision turning for the duration of the day.

An element called Ambient EQ consequently changes the brilliance of the screen so the gadget mixes into the room. You can physically modify the splendor too. We additionally acknowledge Interpreter Mode, an element that enables you to speak with individuals in various dialects.

I love the amazing way Google Home makes it easier to set up. The Nest Hub is the same, plug it in, open the Google Home application, and adhere to basic directions on the two screens to begin. Contingent upon whether you’re now connected to the Google Home environment, you’ll have more strides to take.

Google Hub Assistant

For instance, the application will ask whether you need to set up Voice Match, which consequently perceives your voice and give you and others in the family customized reactions. You additionally will need to associate with any spilling music and video administrations (you’ll have to sign in to your records for this) and keen home gadgets, which is all plain as day in the as of late redesigned Google Home application.

For our situation, we as of now have a Google Home gadget in our test home, which made the arrangement procedure as simple as connecting the gadget.

A smart home connection

The Google Nest Hub is at its best when associated with a shrewd home. We like the drawdown screen that gives us moment access and authority over keen home gadgets we have associated. There’s as yet the choice to utilize your voice to control lights, plugs, locks, cameras and that’s only the tip of the iceberg (“Hey Google, turn on the ground floor light”), however the draw down menu includes a pleasantly sorted out rundown of associated gadgets and the status of each.

Google Hub

You can tap “lights,” for example, and get a rundown of associated lights and their status, or can pick by space to see a rundown of the considerable number of gadgets associated. You’ll require only minutes to compose your gadgets in each room. It’s a simple to-utilize control board for all your associated gadgets.

Ok Google, play music on a better speaker

While the Google Nest Hub functions as, well, a home center point, it has imperfections. Sound quality is the greatest frustration. It arrives between the Google Home and the Google Home Mini, and that is not outstanding. It’s not uproarious and comes up short on the bass and treble to make tuning into an agreeable encounter.


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