Loftek Rechargeable Magnetic Pool Lights

Here are some rechargeable swimming pool lights that are compatible with many different pool types, including above-ground and in-ground pools. These lights are portable and rechargeable, you can take them out to be recharged with the provided type C cable, and after charging you can just place them back in the pool to light up your pool at night.

Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent battery replacements with our rechargeable pool lights. Compared to traditional AA or AAA battery-powered lights, this not only saves you costs but is also environmentally friendly. The lights can be easily and quickly charged using the included USB-C cable. With a full charge taking approximately 3-4 hours, they can provide up to 50-150 hours of illumination.

Loftek Rechargeable Magnetic Pool Lights

These lights feature an IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring they are fully sealed and safe for underwater use. You can also simply throw the lights in your swimming pool and they will float on the water. It will be an ideal ambient lighting for inground swimming pools, above-ground pools, ponds, bathtubs, fountains, fish tanks, and more.

Just use the included glue to fix the mounting plate, and then place the magnetic lights onto it. It’s that simple! The lights are equipped with strong built-in magnets that securely adhere to any iron metal surface. They can be easily removed for recharging and re-installed without any hassle. Unlike traditional lights that rely on suction cups (limited to smooth surfaces), our bonding method works on both smooth and bumpy surfaces, providing greater stability.

Loftek Rechargeable Magnetic Pool Lights

Take control of all the amazing features with just one remote. You can turn the lights on/off, set timers, adjust colors, and choose from 5 brightness levels—all with the convenience of a single remote. The remote can operate all the lights simultaneously, covering a range of up to 200ft/50m in air and 16.4 ft/5 m in water.

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