Seauto Seal Se Robotic Pool Vacuum

Here is a heavy-duty swimming pool vacuum, that works with many different pool types, above-ground pools as well as in-ground pools. This vacuum is intelligent when it comes to cleaning your swimming pool, Intelligent Path Planning makes cleaning your pool a breeze. Taking a dip in your swimming pool is perfect for cooling down during hot summer days. However, when pools aren’t used for some time, they eventually fill with sand, dirt, or leaves.

Seauto Seal Se Robotic Pool Vacuum

Manually cleaning a pool with a traditional vacuum can be backbreaking work–just a few minutes is enough to make anyone feel tired. Luckily, you can change the way you clean your pool by automating it. Effortless Pool Cleaning: This pool cleaner collects debris and navigates using sonar. Replaceable Battery: The Seal SE pool cleaning robot has a unique battery design that is easily replaceable and long-lasting.


A Reliable Robot Vacuum: It can scrub dirt off of pool floors and walls. Longer Working Time: This robotic pool cleaner can operate continuously for up to 2.5 hours on one charge. Powerful Suction: This pool cleaning equipment is fitted with front-and-back scrubbers.

Seauto Seal Se Robotic Pool Vacuum

Seal SE Smart Robotic Pool Cleaner: Enjoy water time and make your family happier.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance: Obstacle detected,self-adjusting posture to get rid of the trapping situation.

Low Power Design: Super processor, guard your pool with care.

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