Mcdodo Fast Charging Cable LED Type C Wire

Mcdodo Fast Charging Cable are great to have especially if you need to charge your devices. This set comes with three charging wires, the wires range in sizes from 1.6ft, 4ft and 10ft. The longer one can be the one to use at home to charge your device. The Best part of these charging wires is, you can have it on the side so it will not bend as its already on the side.

About Mcdodo Fast Charging Cable

Built in SuperConductivity wires for true and secure 3.1A fast charging and perfectly compatible with QC 2.0/3.0. Both USB C & USB A ends are designed as comfortable 90° and reversible to make the market’s most user-friendly cables. Each cable hits a quick data transfer speed up to 480 Mbps. Boast a gentle LED indicator that tells you the charge status and helps you easily find it in the dark. Come with 3 different sizes to cover all your daily needs everywhere.

Experience a true and secure 3.1A fast charging, powered by Mcdodo’s exclusive SmartCharging tech & powerful SuperConductivity wires. Transfer movies, music, or an entire photo albums just in seconds at a high speed of up to 480Mbps. Each cable comes with a tailored and adjustable strap to help you keep them looking nice and well-organized in the easiest way. Engineered and tested for flawless compatibility with all USB-C devices, including Samsung Pixel, OnePlus and more.

All Mcdodo devices use only the highest-grade materials, giving us the confidence to assure you: within 3 years of receipt of delivery, for any quality issue, we’ll give you a hassle-free new product!

Mcdodo Fast Charging Wire Features:

Revolutionary User-friendly Design: Both ends are ergonomically engineered as a 90 degree right angle, to make them never get in your way whether you are streaming, scrolling, playing games while charging.

Fast Charging & Rapid Sync: The in-built SuperConnectivity copper wires ensure a real and secure 3.1A output to power-up your devices at a lightning-fast speed.

Super-Strong Construction: exclusive braided coat combines with a 250d bulletproof fiber core to make a cable so durable that even outlasts your phone.

1 Package, 3 Lengths: Meet all your needs everywhere-1.6ft for on the go, 4ft for the office, and 10ft for home.

What You Get: 1x 1.6ft USB C cable, 1x 4ft USB C cable, 1x 10ft USB C cable, 1x cable strap, user manual, 30 days money back, Mcdodo Industry-leading 3 years warranty and lifetime technical support.

Purchasing Charging Cable


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