Measy RC7 Air Mouse Keyboard

Measy RC7 is a wireless input device which integrated dual function: Air mouse and wireless keyboard. Because of its convenient design and also used 2.4G wireless technology, no need to be placed on any flats. you can use it directly by shaking or moving in the air. as a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard, compared with traditional mouse and keyboard, RC7 rid the operation which must be used on desktop thoroughly.


  • Used for Android Smart TV Box, android tv box, mini PC
  • Smart code paired technology, USB port, plug, and use
  • Be in inputted with full buttons of the keyboard,  humanized layout

Measy RC7 Faulty No communication Needs to Pair

When the cursor appears to drift and hard to control, please do initialize setting as following operations

1. Please put the device on the desktop, press the up arrow, down arrow and Enter key, sequentially. Don’t release other keys when you press each one. While holding down these three keys for 1 second, the LED key of the air mouse will become flashing.

2. When the LED key become flashing state, at the same time plug the USB receiver into the USB interface of the device, the air moue will start to initialize code. The LED key will become lit state after 5 seconds after about 5 seconds, that means the air mouse initialize setting successful.

Measy RC7

Air mouse

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