Vitapure Bottom Load Water Dispenser

Vitapure Water Dispenser is a great way to have clean fresh water at your finger tips. This machine is bottom loading, so you no longer need to lift up the heavy water bottles. With this machine, it allows you to use both the three gallon as well as the five gallon bottles. With the vitapure water dispenser, you can brew super hot water and super ice cold water, you also have the option to dispense room temp water.

About The Vitapure Water Dispenser

No more accidental spills from lifting heavy water jugs onto your water dispenser. The Vitapur VWD1185BLS bottom load water dispenser makes water bottle replacement easy, with the bottle conveniently stored and connected in the bottom cabinet of the dispenser.

This stylish stainless steel and black water dispenser features LED indicator lights that identify when water is ready to dispense, a high efficiency compressor for improved cooling and energy savings, and easy-to-use push buttons.

Cleaning is a breeze with a removable drip tray. This unit dispenses your choice of hot water, cold water or room temperature water and is designed to accommodate 3, 4 or 5 gallon water jugs.


3 Water dispensing temperatures: hot water, cold water and room temperature water

Hot water button features a child safety lock to protect from accidental dispensing

Reduce spills by loading bottles into the bottom cabinet of the water dispenser and easily connect the straw

Stainless steel one-piece adjustable straw accommodates 3, 4 or 5 gal (11, 15 or 19 L) water bottles (not included)

LED indicator lights for both hot water and cold water identify when the water is ready to dispense at the ideal temperature

High efficiency compressor provides improved cooling and energy saving

Stainless steel reservoir prevents mineral buildup for better tasting water

Contemporary black finish with fingerprint-resistant stainless steel panels.

Drip tray is removable for easy clean-up.

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