Walmart Grocery Pickup Pros & Cons

Walmart Grocery Pickup Pros & Cons of using their service, I will give you my experience of using this service and what I like and don’t like about using the service. You might have seen the ads off your tv about picking up your order on the side of Walmart, they did show charters like back to the future, star wars, and many more.

Pros using Pickup

Let’s start off with the Pros of using this service, Walmart Grocery Pickup is convenient to use. You can order anything off the Walmart grocery app, just pick your items and you will be directed to go check out and enter your details to pay for your order.

The best part is that you just go to the pickup area which is marked in orange and designed for pickup only. In the Walmart grocery app, you would click on the Check-in so it will let the store know you have arrived. Once you have checked in, it will ask you what lane you are in and what color car you are in. Convenient enough!  Once the store is notified of your arrival, they will come out with your order in a palette with crates depending on what you order.

Cons using Pickup

The cons of using the Walmart pickup are higher than the pros of using the service because I have used this service many times now and every few orders I have had issues with my order. The first issue I experienced was when I purchased some chicken breasts, I was quoted each family pack would be around $9 – $10 when I received my bill, I was being charged $18 per pack for chicken breast.

Another time using the Walmart grocery pickup app, I had purchased a few laundry items and body soap, my body soap was substituted for fewer bars and at fewer ounces, but I was charged the same as for more bars and more ounces.

Just a few days ago, I placed another order that totaled  $150, which included a few packs of chicken breast, vegetables, and a few other items. My schedule time to pick up was between 7 pm – 8 pm as this time is less busy with people.

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart Grocery Pickup

I arrived to pick up my order, the employee informed me that the machine to take my payment was not working and that I needed to go inside the store to pay, this happened to me just a week before.

Just a week ago, I placed an order that had to be canceled because the machine to take my payment was not working, so I had to go inside to pay, but the employee did not know how to ring it up, so I told them to cancel the item because I had to go to work.

Now, I went to pick up another order the same thing happened to me as last week. It’s funny how now all of their machine that takes payment does not work in the evenings and the bill I received for my $150 order just became $305 for a few packs of chicken and a few other items.

Walmart Grocery

My order total was not the same as quoted in my order total when I placed my order, I was told my total was much less. I guess because of the substituted chicken, they were charging me $20 – $34 per chicken pack. I get this same issue whenever I order chicken from Walmart. When I get the package, it shows the price of around $9 – 10 per pack, this is a serious issue Walmart needs to fix.

My Opinion On This Service

After using this service over 20 times, I can truly say there are more issues and problems with using this service. It’s convenient when everything runs smoothly, like when their card reader is working properly. I think I will have to wait for Walmart to fix its issues before using their Pickup service in the future. I would not recommend using this service if you want your order to be taken inside the store to cash out because the card reader will not be working.

Walmart Pickup

Contacting Walmart Corporate

I will be contacting Walmart corporate regarding this issue because it’s not right to go pick up an order and the employee tells you that you have to go inside to pay because their car reader machine is down. If you are interested in more issues I have had with Walmart, make sure to check out my review on the automotive center department

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