KitchenBoss Portable Electric Water Pump Dispenser

KitchenBoss Portable water dispenser is a great little unit that you can take anywhere you go. Why use a big water cooler when this little device will deliver you water through a spout like a water cooler. This device has a super long life with each full charge, you can go though six to eight bottles before you will need to charge the battery.

If you don’t want to go to the living room drinking water when wake up at midnight, the KitchenBoss automatic water dispenser pump will be your intimate life assistant. Its designed motor will not make unpleasant sounds when you pumping water, which will not affect sleeping for your love one or family.

Electric Water Pump Dispenser

No More Cleaning & Lifting bottles: the Automatic Water Bottle Pump use BPA free material contains a food grade silicone hose. It is constructed by using high-density ABS plastic. Super light, clean and hygienic. You No need to repeatedly lift such a heavy water bottle onto the water dispenser; you No need to repeatedly clean the dirty inner tank of water dispenser.

Easy to Use foldable electric water pump: Just One-key operate to start or stop pumping, allows you enjoy the clean and safe drinking water easily. Even children and elders can use it easily. You do not need to keep pressing to pump water like using a manual water pump.

Auto Stop Pumping Feature: When you select the preset water volume, the water dispenser bottle pump will Auto-stop pumping when the water volume you need is reached. This design is to allow users to get water when they are busy, even if they forget to stop pumping water, it will not cause overflow.

Suitable for RV Travel: Portable water dispenser is very suitable for taking a rest or picnic during the RV travel, let you easily drink water anytime and anywhere. Super-long standby, save you the trouble of frequent charging.

Portable Electric Water Pump Dispenser

How To Install

Choose adapter ring depending on the size of your water bottle opening(include water bottle caps).The original size of G105 is 58mm (suitable for 5 Gallon bottle); there are two adapter rings of different sizes: 38mm(suitable for 1-2 Gallon bottle) and 48mm (suitable for 3-4 Gallon bottle); If the bottle opening is small size, you need to install the adapter ring on the bottom of G105 water dispenser.

Screw and connect the silicone water hose to the water inlet position;

Insert the silicone water hose into the water bottle. Then fix the G105 water bottle pump to the water bottle opening.

Open the foldable water outlet; Click the middle round button, the indicator light will light up, then rotate to select the water volume you need, and click button again to take water.

Electric Water Pump Dispenser

About this item

Patented Foldable Water Outlet: Water bottle pump with a foldable water outlet is carefully developed by the KitchenBoss team, which can always keep the water outlet clean, allowing you to enjoy clean and safe drinking water. At the same time, the design of the foldable drinking water pump is easier to store and carry than ordinary ones.

Super Long Battery Life: Strong endurance / durable, KitchenBoss water dispenser pump can be used for 80-90 days after fully charged. Type-C Charging Cable Included.

Electric Water Pump Dispenser

One-key Operation: 5 preset volume: 150mL/250mL/350mL/500mL/1000mL, electric drinking water pump will automatically stop pumping when water volume reached; DISPENSE function: manual dispensing function, can be used for larger capacity water bottles or pots; MEMORY function: intelligent memory function, can automatically save the last DISPENSE water volume. Simple and convenient operation.

High-quality Food-Grade Materials: Using Food-Grade materials BPA-Free pumping hose. KitchenBoss water bottle dispenser and hose materials are all in line with local national standards, so you can use it with relax.

Removable Pumping Hose: Spiral button design makes installation more easy and convenient. It solves the problem that other ordinary hoses on the market are difficult to install. Can be disassembled and cleaned at any time, convenient, simple and labor-saving.

Electric Water Pump Dispenser

High compatibility: The product included 2 sizes of adapter rings(38mm and 48mm), suitable for 2-5 gallon barrels and 38MM-58MM diameter water bottle mouth. The installation will be more stable.

Portable Storage: This product also includes a travel storage bag, solve the problem of inconvenient carrying and storage during travel, more clean and save.

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