YouTube Demonetize Kids Channel

YouTube Demonetize Kids Channel: Today we have received some horrible news about my son’s youtube channel, that he will no longer make money off his videos that he posted on his youtube channel that has way over 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,500 watch hours. Youtube has demonetized my son’s youtube channel for no reason claiming it has duplicate content, which is an error on their part. I received an email stating these exact words from an email by youtube’s monetization team or also known as (ALPHABET) are the owners of youtube

Message From YouTube

“Hi Noah Toys Review, During a recent review, our team of policy specialists carefully looked over the videos you’ve uploaded to your channel Noah Toys Review. We found that a significant portion of your channel is not in line with our YouTube Partner Program policies. As of today, your channel is not eligible to monetize and you will not have access to monetization tools and features. Please go to your monetization page to read more about the specific policy our specialists flagged.

We know this is tough news, and sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. We have a responsibility to ensure our community is safe for creators, viewers, and advertisers. At the same time, we understand that you may have unintentionally made mistakes. That’s why you’ll be able to reapply for the YouTube Partner Program in 30 days. This 30-day time period allows you to make changes to your channel to make sure it’s in line with our policies.

What this means for your channel

You’ll continue to have access to most creator features on YouTube that enable you to grow your audience, build your community, and manage your videos. You can:

Upload, edit, or delete your videos, Read, respond to, or moderate your comments, Analyze your channel performance in YouTube Analytics, Get best practices and strategic advice from Creator Academy Connect to other Creators in the YouTube Help Forum.

There is no change to how your videos are promoted in our search and recommendation systems. This is incorrect, everyone knows once you get demonetized on youtube, YouTube will not promote your channel any longer and your channel will now fall below the requirements for monetization, which is 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time.

What Is In Store For Noah Toys Review?

As some of you may know how hard my son works on making his videos, and the time it takes to put them together for people to enjoy his videos. Its very time consuming to produce the content on his channel, for youtube to just come to his channel and just remove monetization for his content.

Youtube states Noah Toys Review channel does not follow the guideline of their YPP (youtube partner program). If this was correct, he would not ben monetized in the first place. I can call it out, youtube is racist and they have a certain ethnic group of people they allow to grow on youtube like let’s say for instance (Ryan’s Toys Review) aka (Ryan’s World).

Youtube’s Top Kids Channel

Why is Ryan’s Toys Review the only top kid’s channel on Youtube? By the way, this is not an attack on him or his channel, I just want to bring to light that youtube has not allowed any other kids channel to grow like Ryan’s channel. I believe there is room for more tops kids channel on the platform, but youtube’s image is limited to certain ethnic groups.

I have reached out to the company (YouTube) requesting why they have done this to my child’s channel in the first place, their reply was that he had duplicated content on his channel, which is a lie because I asked them to provide proof of this violation. As of yet, they have failed to provide the proof that there was a duplicate video, which there is not, if there is, someone has copied his video and they allowed them to do so.


Youtube has set a task for us to do, wait for 30 days then refile for monetization of his channel and all the videos that are on his channel. I already know the scenario of this situation, because they demonetized his channel, he will not get promoted as he is not making money from his videos.

With his channel not being promoted, he will lose the watch time that he needs to continue to monetize his channel that they have set to 4,000 hours watch time, and now they will have a reason to deny him monetization.

My Thoughts on Youtube

As I have said it many times about youtube and all the times and channel’s Noah Toys Review has had, they are racist and if you do not fit in their ethnic group, you will not prevail on their platform, they will give you bogus reasons why you have been demonetized. When you confront them, they just read you a script from their website that everyone knows once they become a partner to monetize.

My son literally has had four channels that were monetized with great video content that was original and had great stuff in them like any other kids youtube channel. Sadly to say, but all the channels this kid has had, youtube has done him over many times.

When is it time to make youtube quit its racist ways and allow other kids of different ethnic groups to prevail on their platform? This is 2022, there is room for many kids’ channels to grow much like Ryan’s Toys Review did on the platform.

I will not settle for less, my child has the right to have a fair chance to grow and make money from his video on the platform that he works really had to make for other kids to enjoy. Competition of other kids’ videos is what makes youtube a great place to find different content from many different creators.

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